Bien Living Design is an interior design firm based in Austin, Texas and Chicago, IL. We focus on creating practical and comfortable, yet inspirational and beautiful design environments.

Kristin Tavrides of Bien Living Design will work with you to design new or existing spaces that meet your needs and feed your soul. A living or business environment is only a success if it works for you, the client. Whether your tastes lean towards bold and colorful or neutral and serene, whether you prefer the patina of antiques or the sleek shine of modern pieces, Kristin provides practical, sensible design services that fit within your budget and lifestyle.

Your home is where you live - it’s not a museum or art installation! It’s important that everyone feels happy, comfortable, warm, and welcome in their living environments. We’ll brainstorm with you instead of for you to come up with the perfect space for you and your family.

We are located in the Austin and Chicago area, but are more than happy to travel to work with you. We also provide Long Distance Design services, where we’ll design a room for you no matter where you live.

For more information about Bien Living Design, take a look at our portfoliodesign services, and blog. And learn more about Kristin here.