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Ah, the SUN!

We have been blessed with 70+ degree days here in Chicago all week - and they're here to stay for the next few days as well!  I have taken advantage of this free sun therapy with 45 minute walks with Derby every day.  We've seen crocuses, daffodils and tulips popping up all over the neighborhood.  On Wednesday, we also went back to the park & while I laid on a blanket with my Kindle, Derby ran around like a wild woman on her 30' leash for an hour.  It is GLORIOUS!

She has been parking herself in every sun spot she can find and I don't blame the girl.  Chicago has woken up from it's (albeit mild) winter slumber and I am so, so happy.

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I missed the sun, so, I can really understand why she wants to be where the sunlight is. She's so adorable!

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