Decor from an Unexpected Source, Part 2

Awhile ago I posted about great decor finds from an unlikely store - Pottery Barn Kids.  I thought I'd revisit this post idea after coming across a fun lamp at Land of Nod.  I checked out other items & found a lot of things that would work for spaces beyond kids rooms.  

Here are my favorites:


This lamp also comes in blue & pink!

All items found at 

Have you come across any unexpected sources for home decor?


Which "Friends" Apartment Would You Choose?

Friends is one of those shows where I've seen every episode 14 times.  When flipping through the channels before primetime TV, I'll often switch it to Friends to see what episode is playing...I'm not alone in this, I'll bet!

I came across this image through the Zinc Door FB page and had to post it here to get your opinions.  Which apartment would you choose?  Joey & Chandler's or Monica & Rachel's?

Me?  The girls win, hands down.  

So these 2, essentially unemployed for years, girls end up with a huge 2 bedroom in Manhattan.  Hmm...methinks it was rent controlled or their parents were quite generous!

Which would you choose?  Do you have a favorite Friends moment?


It's Pinterest Time!

My Pinterest page is brimming with DIY ideas, but unfortunately this time, I'm not referencing it for an adorable craft project or a fabulous outfit...but for cleaning the sofa!


We have such a great sofa, but it has seen better days.  MUCH better days.  It was preeeety spendy, so I don't want to get rid of it.  But, when you take into account the stack of books that are acting as a leg (what? It's artsy.), a dented arm from someone stepping on it to open the blinds (*ahem*husband*ahem*) and the days when Derby decided it would be a blast to chew the cushions I said, it has seen better days.  It's dingy & needs cleaned.


I've since restuffed & sewed up the cushions.  Problem now is that I can't take the covers off to clean them unless I want to tear out all of the stitches..and re-sew.  No thanks!  The sofa is dirty & desperately needs cleaned.  Said my mom "why don't you just call someone to come out and clean it?" - she's probably right, but I thought I'd give this cleaning DIY a try :)

This method is for cleaning a mircofiber sofa.  I have no idea if ours is microfiber or microsuede or something else (I can never which is which - oops!), but it's worth a shot.

All you need is rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, a sponge & a brush.  I've acquired all 4 items, so wish me luck!


Penny for your Floor?

If you're like me, I get annoyed when I find random pennies stuffed in the bottom of my purse, the couch cushions, sprinkled throughout my desk, etc.  It's time to save your pennies because this design has me floored (sorry, had to do it).

Zinc Door linked to it on their Facebook page & immediately shared it. I couldn't find the original source, but a quick google search brought up images of a lot of other projects.  They are all so fun & cheaper than other traditional materials (this site mentioned a total of just over $38 for appx. 24 square feet).

& Nickels!  Obviously going to cost you quite a bit more in materials ;) but it looks  I really can't come up with another word!

Searching around also led to penny kitchen islands, accent walls, etc.  I love them all.  You could even tackle this DIY style if you have a lot of time & patience!


Updated Portfolio Page!

I have been seriously lacking when it comes to updating my Portfolio page.  I remedied that over the weekend, so check out all of the new updates here!

Some new projects include a dated to modern Master Bath (one of my absolute favorite transformations!) and a bright, bold open concept Living/Dining Room.  I'll share more about these projects in upcoming posts!