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Bathroom Project, Part 4 - Laying Tile!

I visited two different showrooms before deciding on our new bathroom tile - 12" x 12" Arabescato Marble.  

I was ready to give up after my last post, and that only involved laying out the tile to see how everything fits!  This is an important step, as we were able to adjust after finding the center when we realized that six tiles fit perfectly across the widest part of the room.  All it involved was shifting our new "center" line 2 inches to the right, and we saved ourselves from having to cut all of those tiles.

So, once we marked off our two straight lines, we began to apply mortar and tile.  It is important to work your way out from the center, as this ensures that all the tiles are straight & you only have to cut tiles along the edges.  

Derby is always all up in our business, and there is no reason to think that construction would stop her.  My friend Bethany commented on a previous post calling Derby our project manager - so true!

We laid all of the full sized tile and called it a night.  We had to rent a tile saw, so I wanted to have everything marked and measured so that when hubs came home from work, it would be ready to go.  I followed my friend Emily's blog, O'Apostrophe, for the numbering & cutting tile process - it was a life saver!

He came home & we got to work.  He with the cutting and me with the running up and down the stairs with the tiles.  I have to say that we really are a great team :)

It took less than 2 hours from start to finish.  It was so much better than what I thought it was going to be!  All of the cut tiles are now in place & ready for grout.  I plan to finish the grout today & will paint this weekend.  It will be a whole new look come Monday!

My Pinterest page has all of my bathroom inspiration projects.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!


Tile Layers?

Anyone in Chicago want to come and lay this friggin'-friggity-frick tile?  I will pay you cash money.



sigh.  Why do I do things??


Bathroom Project, Part 3

I can no longer claim this to be the bathroom floor project, although that is what I am in the middle of right now (picking up the tile this morning!).  

The floors have been primed & self leveled, which was a pretty easy process (thank goodness!).  I bought Mapei Self Leveling Compound & mixed half of the 50 pound bag with 12 cups of clean, room temperature water.  You'll need some sort of mixing attachment for your drill - I used a paint mixer because this material is fairly runny & easy to get through.

Once everything was mixed, I started pouring out the concrete mixture in the back corner of the bathroom.  I used a trowel to move it around to cover all of the floor.  

This stuff is pretty amazing - as it is pushed around, it settles into all of the mess of the floor & levels itself out, leaving you a flat surface that is ready to accept stone, tile, hardwood, etc.

There is one little area where we didn't get all of the old mortar.  It looks like a fossil.  Sanding it down is another step we're going to have to take before laying the marble.  I was lazy & just hoped that it would fill in around the trowel marks.  It didn't.  Lesson learned folks!  Make sure all of the old mortar is gone before pouring the underlayment.  


I walked on it this morning, so it is dry and ready to go.  We are leaving in a few minutes to pick up the tile (can't wait to show you!) and I am going to get started today!


Everything Plus the Kitchen, err, Bathroom Sink (i.e. New Bathroom Floor, Part 2)

Well, I am currently drying out concrete with a obviously things aren't going as swimmingly as they did in my pre-sledgehammer mind.

What was originally a rather inexpensive, new floor-only project has turned into a new floor, new sink, new toilet, new medicine cabinet/mirror project, but isn't that how it always goes?

Here is my new inspiration image:

Restoration Hardware Gramercy Metal Washstand

I want to snap this up thisinstant but there's a little thing like the $1,695 price tag that is standing in my way.  I've been searching for something similar for a reasonable price and am coming up empty handed (even with a white ceramic sink top).

Has anyone seen something similar or have any other suggestions?  Right now, we still have the sink top attached to the wall (we took the sledgehammer to the base of the pedestal - oops!), and I would love to figure out how to DIY this. 

You are all so creative, and I am stuck!  Any suggestions?  


Bee in my Bonnet - New Bathroom Floor

I've been wanting to revamp our guest bath for awhile now, but with a busy summer I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Yesterday, it was really bothering me so I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to put in a new tile floor - namely, a new Carrara marble tile floor.  

He said "okay".  

I said "today".

He came back with a sledgehammer and chisel and I said "yay"!  I tend to get like this.  I'll mull over something for ages and when I finally decide what to do/that I want to do it...I want it done, like, 15 minutes ago.  So, thank you to my most agreeable husband.

The old floors were a faux-marble-esque ceramic tile with gray and pink "veining".


That grout!  Ugh.  Why didn't I do this years ago?

So, we got down to business.  He starting hammering away while I was in charge of clean up as we went along.  

Derby was a huge help :)

We went down to the concrete subfloor.  I filled in some of the larger holes with a thin-set mortar that we had on hand.

We then sealed it with a self-leveling concrete primer & will self-level it tonight.  Little surprises always pop-up when doing home renovations, but I still groaned when the sink starting to leak.  I want this project done by the end of the week, so wish us luck!!

I redid this bathroom 4 or 5 years ago when I was loving chocolate brown/light blue/ivory color combination (which I still love, by the way), so I am ready for something new.  Most of the walls in our house are some shade of gray and while I kind of wish I could commit to doing something completely different in here, I am pretty sure we're going to go gray in here as well.  BUT!  It will be in a fun, new way (stripes, anyone?).

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