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Please Vote - Design Throwdown!

I was asked by the lovely Kelsey from Minted Life to participate in a Design Throwdown.  Essentially, it's Iron Chef for the design set - take a common "ingredient" and make it fabulous.  We decided on a basic outdoor mat from IKEA and the results were completely different but completely AWESOME.

Kelsey paired up with Morgana from Fellow Creatives.  I brainstormed with Penny from Pantomime Papers.  Now it's time for judging.  That is where you come in!  Using the survey below, vote for your favorite outcome.  We have Team Ahoy who transformed the plain Jane mat into an adorable summery welcome mat and Team Pinboard who turned the mat into a "Cork" Board and a French Memo Board.  See what I mean?  They are both so much fun.

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What a fun concept!  A big thank you to Kelsey for inviting me to participate in this Design Throwdown!

How to Transform Books with Japanese Paper Tape

I've had this idea for quite some time now & I am so ridiculously happy with the results that I have to share them with you!

I have books.  Lots and lots (did I mention lots?) of books.  I also like to keep said books and lend them out to friends by the stack.  I also like to have my books out, but unless they are hardbacks, books can be ugly.  

I know this is an extreme example of ugly books, but it's what I am working with!

For example, as much as I love Simone de Beauvoir & Sylvia Plath, I also love me a James Patterson book des temps en temp.  I don't love the graphic, sometimes garish spine.  Usually, these books are stacked up behind everything else.  Here's why.

Not pretty.  As I mentioned before, I needed to spruce up our house for a certain photoshoot.  Even if this wasn't in the shot, I still wanted our place to look its best.  This is where Japanese Paper Tape comes in.


I purchased it at West Elm, of all places!

I chose a book and a roll of tape to get started.  Run a piece of tape along one edge of the spine, making sure to wrap part of it on the front/back so that everything that may be shown is covered.  Then, trim it along the top and bottom of the book.

Since this kind of paper tape is pretty thin, you'll have to determine how much coverage you want.  I like the sheerness of it, as it still allows me to see the title of the book.  I ended up using 3 lengths of tape for this one.  You could always use more & write the title with a metallic paint marker.

I stuck with blues and greens to coordinate with the rest of our living room and office.

So. ridiculously. easy.  I've been on a DIY crafty kick lately, as you can probably guess from the number of these types of posts (& I've got another one).  Again, this was EASY.  Perhaps because I had a little helper?

Okay, now it's time to see a side by side before and after of this project.  Such a difference!

As I mentioned yesterday, I tend to not follow through with my grandiose crafting aspirations.  However, I wanted to get our home in tip-top shape & on a budget.  So, I played around with a few different setups for the top shelf until I found something I liked. 

When I see these pictures, I can't believe I let the hideousness go on for so long.  Yikes!  I cleaned off the other shelves and pulled out books, picture frames, photo books and other small items that coordinate (& contrast!) with the space. 

Now, if only I could muster up the crafty/organizational energy to tackle this beast...hmm, maybe tomorrow :) 

I previously blogged about my favorite Japanese Paper Tape projects that I found across the web (you can find that post here!).  I am excited to add to the list!


A Bunting Flag Update!

A few weeks ago, I posted about wanting to make Ruffled Blog's bunting flags for my friends shower.   The bunting flags were so cute...I will definitely use them for other projects!  


I tend to have great intentions to do crafty projects...and then never do them.  This was one that was so easy to do that it was simple to follow through.  


Our decorations doubled as gifts for each person - tulips and alstomeria in simple bud vases from CB2. 


This adorable bank from Tiffany is going to be my go-to gift from now on!  They are reasonably priced and something that mom & baby will have for a long time.

Congratulations, A!  The baby shower was so much fun :) 




Free Christmas Fonts

I know it may be a little late for for some (most) of you who have already sent holiday cards, but the procrastinator in me surfaces every now and then & we've yet to make or send cards this year.  I'm thinking "Happy New Year!" cards may be in (sorry) for us this year.

ANYWAY - I started browsing for fun, free, fonts to use in our cards.  Dafont is one of my favorite places to score great fonts, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Christmas/Winter fonts from Dafont & other sites.






Click on each source link to download the font.  For instructions how to add the downloaded font to you library, click here for PC, here for Mac.

What are your favorite font sites?


I Love Bunting!

I've been trying to find an excuse to make/use/hang bunting flags since they started popping up all over the wedding blogs.  I now see them everywhere & am excited to finally use them this weekend!  I am co-hosting my girlfriends baby shower & none of us are into cutesy decorations.  We decided that bunches of flowers in vases would serve double duty as decorations and party favors. 

These adorable flags (found on the Ruffled Blog - on of my favorites!) will round out the rest of the decor:

You can download and print the letters you need & common letters have more than one pattern.

I noticed that the colors are a lot more saturated than pictured on the blog, which isn't surprising since Ruffled is a vintage inspired wedding blog & their pictures reflect that.  I will probably play around with them in Photoshop to get the desired color.  I'll also be sure to post pictures of the finished product!