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Bright, Bold Clock

The latest issue of CS Interiors (the same mag that featured Bien Living Design at the beginning of the year!) is all about color.  BOLD color.

This clock on this page really jumped out at me - it's bright, colorful & playful.  

At $50, it's totally affordable.  

OR, you could always DIY for around $5 it using free paint strips and a clock kit - if you like a project, try it out!


I am STILL toying with the idea of this DIY clock that I blogged about months ago.  I'll keep you posted if I ever get my booty in gear...

CS Interiors is available for free as a digital e-zine - I highly recommend adding it to your monthly shelter mag reads!


Bye Bye Marimekko Wallpaper!

How sad!  I just read on the Always Mod Blog that Marimekko wallpaper has been discontinued!  I guess there is a pretty limited niche market for (sometimes) over-the-top & bright, always bold wallpaper, but I was still surprised to hear this. 

I guess the good news is that it is on sale while supplies last, so I say snap up a roll or two of the iconic Unikko pattern and paper the walls of a small bathroom!  I love large, graphic prints in small spaces.  I also studied the designer, Maija Isola, in college and am particularly drawn to her designs.

Check out more patterns here.  & buy today before it's gone!


Updating your Bedroom for Spring/Summer - It's Easy!

With my Fresh Squeezed posts, I've emphasized at how simple and inexpensive it can be to update your home for the changing of the seasons.  One room that I change every Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter is the bedroom.  I have a large tupperware that I pull out of storage and exchange when the weather changes (err..when I remember).  In it, I have a duvet, pillow shams, lamp shades, rug and simple accessories.  It takes me about 30 minutes to swap everything out for a completely new look.

Our master bedroom went from this fall/winter feel (pardon the montage, I obviously didn't feel like making the bed - eek!):

Bedding by West Elm, Curtains by Pottery Barn, Lamp Shades and other accessories by IKEA and/or Target. Awesome high-heeled photography by Ashley Colhouer.

To this bright, fresh and airy spring set up:

Much needed underbed handbag storage and a semi-DIY runner

I love layering art and photographs on the floor. My husband loves vintage maps; perhaps we'll swap it with the current photograph on the wall.

I even swap out accessories - in this case, a couple of pewter wedding gifts and my grandmothers pill box that I love.

I have recently decided to swap out the photographs of the trees for framed art paper, which will add a punch of bright color that our blues need. 

I'll share the pictures of that when I actually get around to completing the project, but for now, here is a mock up of what's running around in my brain:

Paper from PaperMojo

See, it's EASY to make small changes that make a big difference.  One tupperware in storage is all the space you need to achieve these changes.  So, do you think you'll give this a try?