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Painted Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans get a bad rap in the design world.  I've always thought it was a bit overblown, since they are often quite necessary!  But if you're stuck with builder basics and don't want to pay $$$ to install new, modern models, here is a great alternative!

I pinned this DIY this morning from Kristen F. Davis Designs (a super talented decorative painter), then thought it would make for a great post - something you may not have thought about before, but could do on your own.

Take apart your fan, spray paint the metal parts (if you want to get rid of brass, or whatever) and paint the blades.  Based on comments, it looks like the designer used layers of different colors, but that inexpensive FolkArt craft paint was mentioned in the comments, making this a really affordable project.

Filing this away for our home as well!


Easter DIY?

Happy Easter!  We had a lovely day enjoying brunch with friends and taking advantage of the mild spring day.  I've had a few people ask me what H received from the Easter Bunny, and I am embarassed to admit that we didn't do a basket for her first Easter!  Oops.  I honestly didn't know what to get & didn't want to end up with a bunch of junk, so I skipped it this year.  I am sure Michael's/JoAnn's will have great sales today, so once H is up from her nap & fed, we're hitting the clearance aisles for a basket.

I am extremely nostalgic & love my colorful plastic Easter basket from my childhood.  If one of those stores happen to have one, I might snap it up.  More likely, though, they'll have traditional baskets that I can then decorate (a bit).  Here are two easy ideas that I came across this morning - ribbon & tulle!

I love me some tulle, but I also love the more preppy, classic look of the woven ribbon.  We'll see what inspiration strikes later today!


It's Pinterest Time!

My Pinterest page is brimming with DIY ideas, but unfortunately this time, I'm not referencing it for an adorable craft project or a fabulous outfit...but for cleaning the sofa!


We have such a great sofa, but it has seen better days.  MUCH better days.  It was preeeety spendy, so I don't want to get rid of it.  But, when you take into account the stack of books that are acting as a leg (what? It's artsy.), a dented arm from someone stepping on it to open the blinds (*ahem*husband*ahem*) and the days when Derby decided it would be a blast to chew the cushions I said, it has seen better days.  It's dingy & needs cleaned.


I've since restuffed & sewed up the cushions.  Problem now is that I can't take the covers off to clean them unless I want to tear out all of the stitches..and re-sew.  No thanks!  The sofa is dirty & desperately needs cleaned.  Said my mom "why don't you just call someone to come out and clean it?" - she's probably right, but I thought I'd give this cleaning DIY a try :)

This method is for cleaning a mircofiber sofa.  I have no idea if ours is microfiber or microsuede or something else (I can never which is which - oops!), but it's worth a shot.

All you need is rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, a sponge & a brush.  I've acquired all 4 items, so wish me luck!


Penny for your Floor?

If you're like me, I get annoyed when I find random pennies stuffed in the bottom of my purse, the couch cushions, sprinkled throughout my desk, etc.  It's time to save your pennies because this design has me floored (sorry, had to do it).

Zinc Door linked to it on their Facebook page & immediately shared it. I couldn't find the original source, but a quick google search brought up images of a lot of other projects.  They are all so fun & cheaper than other traditional materials (this site mentioned a total of just over $38 for appx. 24 square feet).

& Nickels!  Obviously going to cost you quite a bit more in materials ;) but it looks  I really can't come up with another word!

Searching around also led to penny kitchen islands, accent walls, etc.  I love them all.  You could even tackle this DIY style if you have a lot of time & patience!


DIY Grommet Curtains

When we were laying tile I linked to my Bathroom Inspiration Pinterest page.  I ended up selecting the Strada panels from ZGallerie (which, sadly, are no longer in stock!).  They were rod pocket panels, meaning the curtain rod slides through the entire top of the panel not showing any of the pretty bamboo, which isn't my favorite look.
As I mentioned, we ended up reusing our old bamboo rods, spraypainted silver, so we needed something that would easily slide over the uneven parts of the bamboo.  Enter: grommets.  Here are the supplies I used.
You can buy packages of grommets from any fabric or craft store.  I picked these up a Jo-Ann's, which I've used before and felt comfortable using again because they are so easy!  Included in the package is a little plastic guide that you use to trace an outline that you'll then cut around (I recommend small scissors for this part!).  
Let me just show you the steps, it is pretty self explanatory!
Once your circles are space out, drawn & cut, you just pop the back side of a grommet on the back side of the curtain, the front on the front & press them together - instant grommet!

Since these are essentially "dummy" panels - i.e. just there to make the bathroom look pretty - I only bought one panel and cut it in half.  A full panel on each side definitely would have been too much, but looking back I wish I had bought two and just trimmed off a few inches from each.  They are a bit narrow, but overall I am happy with the outcome!

You might notice we also installed a new vanity light fixture as well - it's peeking out from the upper right corer of this picture.  Good riddance, apartment standard, globe bulb, Hollywood makeup style lights!

Hello pretty, modern, cylinder lights!

There's only a couple of things left to do - new vanity & mirror (coming up next!) and ceiling light fixture (which we still haven't done).  

It's hard to believe that we started with this!