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DIY Kitchen Remodel: Catching Up

Well, I really dropped the ball on finishing up our DIY Kitchen Renovation posts!  I've decided to finish them & thought I'd get everyone caught back up to speed before the final couple posts.  I do have YHL to thank, as their new kitchen remodel is very similar to ours & reminded me to finish these!


We then moved on to demolition & wall repair:

Then installed countertop-to-ceiling mosaic tile and a new, modern range hood:

And finally, installed open shelving:

What's up next?  Our $22 stainless steel cooktop, painting countertops & a final reveal!

Thanks for bearing with me!  I promise not to let this happen with our bathroom project :)


Bathroom Project, Part 6 - Small Updates

Even though we essentially did a full bathroom makeover with lots of big changes (like DIY Demolition, installing gorgeous marble floors, and painting wide stripes on the wall) it was the subtle small things that really completed the look.  We wanted to reuse as many things as possible in order to save money, and it really added up to a lot of savings!

First, we sanded and painted the baseboards and bamboo shower curtain rods.  We easily could have bought new for all of these things (the baseboards were pretty banged up & a plain silver rod would have been nice), but decided to fix them & make it work.  Plus, it meant that we didn't have to measure & mitre new baseboards which likely saved us  hours of work.

As always! Our project manager, Derby, was on top of things.

Once we hammered in the freshly painted baseboards, I ran a line of caulk around the top.  See what a difference it makes vs. no caulk?  Such an easy step that could be easily overlooked.

I am SO GLAD that we decided to prime & paint the bamboo rods.  They are unique and so much nicer than some of the cheap metal shower curtain rods out there.   

My next post will show the new rods in action...

We are seriously lacking in storage in our condo & have to have something for toiletries.  We've had this white, glass fronted cabinet for a few years & I didn't want to buy a new one.  I also didn't want to see all of the clutter inside, so I decided to cover a piece of foam core with decorative paper & install it inside the window.

SO much better!

And finally, le toilette.  I wanted to buy a new one & Mr. Q was adamant that we didn't.  We actually argued about the toilet (& we really do not argue that often)!  I Hate our low profile, low-flow toilets.  And the 90's wave on the lid was not helping things.  Realizing the tulip shaped commode that I wanted cost more than the marble tile, I decided to try out a new lid to see how I felt.  Well, it changed my mind!  

I couldn't find a before picture for this bathroom, but lucky us! The master bath has the same lid (which we promptly went out and bought another!).

Have you done small changes lately?


Bright, Bold Clock

The latest issue of CS Interiors (the same mag that featured Bien Living Design at the beginning of the year!) is all about color.  BOLD color.

This clock on this page really jumped out at me - it's bright, colorful & playful.  

At $50, it's totally affordable.  

OR, you could always DIY for around $5 it using free paint strips and a clock kit - if you like a project, try it out!


I am STILL toying with the idea of this DIY clock that I blogged about months ago.  I'll keep you posted if I ever get my booty in gear...

CS Interiors is available for free as a digital e-zine - I highly recommend adding it to your monthly shelter mag reads!


Bathroom Project, Parts 5 - Striped Walls

I've had this inspiration image in my mind for some time & kept picturing it with gray and white striped walls.  Gorgeous, no?

I still didn't have any idea how I was going to achieve the look, as this sink runs upwards of $1,600 and others similar are out of our budget as well.

First, Mini Quiche J and I had to sand and prime the walls.  When I painted the brown I used a cheap roller that shed all over the walls & was bad enough that you could actually see it every time you went in there.  

Lesson learned!  Spring for the roller that is $3 more & always use a fresh roller for each coat of paint.  It may seem a bit excessive, but it is worth it to not have to worry about roller lint on your freshly painted walls!

We ended up doing 2 coats of primer then painted the walls with the white color of the stripe, Benjamin Moore Snowfall White.  Then finally, I got to work striping the walls.  My mom & I (yes, I had to call her to figure this out) determined that 13" stripes fit perfectly from the ceiling to the top of the baseboards, and I started marking off & drawing lines with a long level.

I think it's important to note that I determined my lines by one mark on one wall, then running the level across the walls and drawing the line rather than marking 13" on each wall and snapping a chalk line.  It turned out that our ceilings are not exactly level, so the lines would have slanted.  Using the level ensures that the lines are straight across around the perimeter of the room.  Once that is done, it's time to tape off the stripes.

Another tip for painting stripes on the wall!  Once the tape is up, starting the painting process using a brush with a little bit of paint on the ends.  With the brush on top of the tape, brush over and away from the tape line.  What you are essentially doing is creating a seal where the edge of the tape meets the wall so that when you go back through with the roller, you don't have to worry about paint seeping under the tape.

Let the paint dry a bit before rolling.  You should be left with crisp, clean lines!

As I mentioned yesterday, the stripes are a bit more Rugby/Preppy than I originally wanted.  I thought about retaping and going over the gray with a lighter shade, but that seems like way too much work.  Once we measured the proper sink depth again, we realized that a smaller sink would fit much better in the space, especially once the door is rehung.  There really isn't much clearance, so we may embrace the more modern design and go with the smaller IKEA sink.


Don't worry, we (I) have also determined that a new mirror & lighting is a must...  

So, what do you think?


Bathroom Project, Part 4 - Laying Tile!

I visited two different showrooms before deciding on our new bathroom tile - 12" x 12" Arabescato Marble.  

I was ready to give up after my last post, and that only involved laying out the tile to see how everything fits!  This is an important step, as we were able to adjust after finding the center when we realized that six tiles fit perfectly across the widest part of the room.  All it involved was shifting our new "center" line 2 inches to the right, and we saved ourselves from having to cut all of those tiles.

So, once we marked off our two straight lines, we began to apply mortar and tile.  It is important to work your way out from the center, as this ensures that all the tiles are straight & you only have to cut tiles along the edges.  

Derby is always all up in our business, and there is no reason to think that construction would stop her.  My friend Bethany commented on a previous post calling Derby our project manager - so true!

We laid all of the full sized tile and called it a night.  We had to rent a tile saw, so I wanted to have everything marked and measured so that when hubs came home from work, it would be ready to go.  I followed my friend Emily's blog, O'Apostrophe, for the numbering & cutting tile process - it was a life saver!

He came home & we got to work.  He with the cutting and me with the running up and down the stairs with the tiles.  I have to say that we really are a great team :)

It took less than 2 hours from start to finish.  It was so much better than what I thought it was going to be!  All of the cut tiles are now in place & ready for grout.  I plan to finish the grout today & will paint this weekend.  It will be a whole new look come Monday!

My Pinterest page has all of my bathroom inspiration projects.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!