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Updating your Bedroom for Spring/Summer - It's Easy!

With my Fresh Squeezed posts, I've emphasized at how simple and inexpensive it can be to update your home for the changing of the seasons.  One room that I change every Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter is the bedroom.  I have a large tupperware that I pull out of storage and exchange when the weather changes (err..when I remember).  In it, I have a duvet, pillow shams, lamp shades, rug and simple accessories.  It takes me about 30 minutes to swap everything out for a completely new look.

Our master bedroom went from this fall/winter feel (pardon the montage, I obviously didn't feel like making the bed - eek!):

Bedding by West Elm, Curtains by Pottery Barn, Lamp Shades and other accessories by IKEA and/or Target. Awesome high-heeled photography by Ashley Colhouer.

To this bright, fresh and airy spring set up:

Much needed underbed handbag storage and a semi-DIY runner

I love layering art and photographs on the floor. My husband loves vintage maps; perhaps we'll swap it with the current photograph on the wall.

I even swap out accessories - in this case, a couple of pewter wedding gifts and my grandmothers pill box that I love.

I have recently decided to swap out the photographs of the trees for framed art paper, which will add a punch of bright color that our blues need. 

I'll share the pictures of that when I actually get around to completing the project, but for now, here is a mock up of what's running around in my brain:

Paper from PaperMojo

See, it's EASY to make small changes that make a big difference.  One tupperware in storage is all the space you need to achieve these changes.  So, do you think you'll give this a try?


Blue Dot Paper Shop - Closing its Doors!

How sad!  I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Blue Dot Paper Shop.  I ordered all of our paper for our wedding invitations, programs, menus, etc. from them.  Plus, Leslie was running this small business on her own & I hate to see another independent shop shut down :(

However, all of their paper is currently 30% off (enter THANK YOU in the discount code box upon checkout) and I thought I'd share this deal with all of you.  They have your usual suspects - cardstock in every imaginable color, vellum, metallics, linen and envelopes.  They also have an array of adorable patterned paper and pocket folds!

If you're in the market for paper, especially pocket folds, head on over to her shop.  You can get 25 pocket folds for $23!  I didn't use them for our wedding, but I think they tend to run quite a bit more than that.  They aren't restocking anything, so make sure to order enough!



DIY Doggie Bed

I promise this is my last dog related post for awhile.  However, for those of you with pets out there, I hope these dog+home posts have come in handy!

I set out looking for a dog bed for our little Derby a few weeks ago.  In a perfect world where I have $500 to spend on a leather Le Courbusier Dog Bed, I definitely would have gone for one of these.  Plus, it would fit right in with our decor.

Buy one here!

I didn't want to spend over $100 on one of these, so I decided to head to HomeGoods, knowing they have a decent pet aisle.  I was right - they had tons of them, but none of them were quite right.  They were with either too small or covered in leopard print and pink feathers - no thanks.

Not our (or Derby's!) style

So, I decided to make one myself.  I was browsing the clearance aisle looking for nothing, yet managing to buy everything, when I came across this king sized, quilted pillow sham.  A green and white print that just so happens to fit seamlessly in with our decor. 

AND, it was on sale for $7!  Not bad at all, my friends.

I knew we had a stack of old blankets in our laundry room that we haven't used in quite awhile.  I found this soft fleece Tinkerbell blanket that I never remember J using, so clearly no one will miss it :)

Measure out the width and length of the sham, then fold the blanket to the same dimensions.  This one folded enough so that there are 4 layers of fleece inside the bed, making it nice and comfy.  Stuff it inside the sham, just as you would with a pillow. 

The only thing left to do on this oh-so-simple DIY project is to have your subject test it out.  What were the results?!

It was a WIN!  I made this a week ago & we always find her curled up on it.  I love my $7 DIY Dog Bed!

I'll admit that Derby does love to hop up into bed, but we try to keep her off of the furniture during the day.  She is pretty content with this. 

Does your dog sleep on his or her own bed...or with you? 



DIY ~ Ruffly Flower Belt

Inspired by wedding trends once again, I wanted, nay, NEEDED a pretty, ruffly, flowery, tulle-laden belt.  Only I didn't want to pay the $60 J.Crew price tag.  I decided to take matters into my own hands after seeing this  ruffly headband tutorial on Heart of Light.

I followed the steps (almost) exactly.  Looking back on it now, I realize that I didn't layer 2 petals together before tacking them down.  This may have helped with the fullness, as I ended up adding in quite a few extra petals at the end because it looked a little skimpy.  That said, here is my picture tutorial:

All photos by me 

I bought a half yard of each of the fabrics - a clearance, Golden Girls pink; grey & ivory silk; pink, ivory & pale shimmer blue.  I also purchased a 1" spool of grey and 1 1/2" spool of ivory grosgrain ribbon.  *Please Note!  The 1 1/2" ribbon is very hard to tie into an even bow in the back - it is just too thick.  The 1" ribbon works perfectly for this project. 

Tone on tone grey - my favorite!


Have you attempted a DIY project that you found on the web?

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