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& The Pantone Color of the Year for 2012 is...!

Tangerine Tango!

Thoughts?  I love it.

Orange can be a bit much, but when used correctly it is the color that packs the most punch!  I was pleased to read this because orange has been popping up here and there in our living room - new, bold art (can't wait to show you!), and I am in the process of FINALLY getting those dang living room curtains done & orange makes a subtle-yet-fabulous appearance in the fabric.

Orange makes me smile, so I think this is a great choice for the color of the year. 


Tuesday Shoesday: Vintage Cowboy Boots

Well, they might not be vintage but they are beat up/old.  

There is a girls trip to Nashville on the horizon, and I really wanted a pair of cowboy boots to take with me.  I also considered buying them there, but when my mom & sister were in town over the weekend, we decided to head out and see what we could find.  I've always wanted to go to Alcala's, which is a pretty famous Western Wear store.  Think country singers & $3,000+ pairs of boots.  However, we passed Ragstock on the way, went in & hit the cowboy boot jackpot.

I wish I was cool enough to pull off vintage pieces, but the reality is I can't & I have always been slightly creeped out by secondhand clothing/shoes.  So when I found these Justin boots, I surprised myself when I realized that I had to have them.  I may or may not have rubbed hand sanitizer on my feet after trying them on (what? It was a sandal kind of day & there was NO WAY I was going to put on a dirty sock!).   

I like that they are already worn-in. The leather just looks fantastic. 

We then hit up Alcala's & tried on boot after boot...

...after boot.

There were some serious boots here.  We also found the same brand of boots that we scored at Ragstock (Justin & Durango for my sister) for sometimes hundreds of dollars more!   

We were there for over an hour & it was a lot of fun.  However, I am so glad that I ended up with the boots that I have now.  I can see myself wearing the heck out of them all fall and winter - I love them that much!  


Tuesday Shoesday: My New Find!

I recently learned of Tuesday Shoesday from my friend Brit of Landlocked Bride & decided to play along this week :)

I have horrible feet that don't do well in most shoes.  While I tend to prefer my Asics Tiger's over pretty much anything else, I have to share a recent find that has me kicking off my tennies (much to the elation of my husband, I am sure).

If you're like me & love Lela Rose, but not always the Lela Rose couture prices, you'll love these Lela Rose for Payless flats (hey-o how many times can I say Lela Rose in one sentence!?).

As I said, my feet &/or back hurt in all kinds of shoes, even flats, and these shoes are not only comfortable but are stylish to boot (flat.  ha).  

Every. single. time I've worn these I have had someone come up to me & ask me where I got them.  When I tell them Payless they are shocked.  I just happened to pop in one day on my way home from and appointment & was pleasantly surprised!

And at $28, you can afford to buy a pair for this season & next.


I Want, I Need, I Have to Have this Nicole Miller Dress!

Intense?  Yes.  Truth?  YES.

You guys, I have been lusting over this dress for years.  YEARS.

If you happened to read when I was blogging for Weddingbee (Mrs. Quiche!), you'll notice that this dress made an appearance, as it was what I always had in mind for a wedding dress.  I went to the Nicole Miller boutique with my best friend for her wedding dress, but it was before I was engaged and I didn't want to try anything on until there was a ring on it. 

I ended up finding another dress that I absolutely loved, but this dress is still niggling the back of my mind.  We have an event coming up in less than two weeks - the Medicine Ball benefiting the Rehab Institute of Chicago.   I think this dress would be perfect for the night.  I took pictures in the Bloomingdale's dressing room the other day.  You'd think I'd have learned from my wedding blogging days that cell phone pictures of dresses always suck, but here I am, cell phone in hand.

Did I mention that this dress is made for me?  It is. There are a few problems, though.  The dress is too short for my 5'11.5" frame.  It's also over $600.   The event is in 12 days.  Solution?  Find it in long for under $600 & have it here in 2 weeks.  What did I do?  I decided to turn to Rent the Runway, a site where you can rent designer dresses, handbags & accessories for hundreds or even thousands of dollars off the purchase price.  I typed in "Nicole Miller" and they have the dress!  It's the champagne with blue band version & I love it.


I type in all of the required information, go to click on the date needed & it ISN'T AVAILABLE.  What?!  I tried a size up & a size down - no luck.  I really couldn't believe it.  I still can't believe it, actually.  It never even crossed my mind that they wouldn't have it.

Now obsessed, I've made it my mission to find this dress.  I decided to turn to the power of the interwebs to see if any of your resourceful ladies (& men?) can help a girl out.  This gown comes in a number of colors & I am open to all of them, particularly the navy version.  Do you own this dress?  (Care to lend it to me?)  Have you seen it somewhere recently?  Do you know of a similar dress? If so, please share!


Guest Post: Perfect Breezy, Beachy Outfit

A HUGE thank you to Ann from Crafts & Cardigans for guest posting while we're on vacation!  She created this perfect summery outfit, one that reminds me of sea glass & blue waters...  Enough from me, here's Anne!


When Kristin informed me that she'd be taking a little jaunt to Turks and Caicos, and that she had a request, I immediately assumed she needed me to go with her. I am, after all, a beach aficionado, as well as a rest and relaxation expert, so it came as no surprise that she needed my expertise on her trip. I responded with a resounding YES while instantaneously packing my bags and checking on the status of my sunblock supply. But then when she finished the sentence and told me she'd like for me to guest post on her blog, my dreams came crashing down. I burst dramatically into tears, and ran into my room, and began scribbling in my diary about how no one understands me!!!!!!!

Juuuuuust kidding! Maybe. BUT, if I was fortunate enough to be invited on a beach vacation, here's what I would pack: 


I'm very influenced by my surroundings, so my clothes tend to become a reflection of the seasons and my location at any given time. And what better inspiration than the perfect turquoise waters of paradise! Just take this outfit, add a little surf spray to your hair and you're ready to hit the cabana boy up for another margarita. Extra salt on the rim, please.

Have a wonderful time, Kristin! 

Note: You can get to all of these links by clicking here or on the image above!

Thanks Anne (aka: my lovely friend & Mrs. Powder Puff)!


A quick blurb about Anne & her blog:

"This blog follows the adventures (and sometimes shenanigans) of Anne and her husband.

We used to live in Chicago. All bright lights, big city style.

Now we live in Indiana. Country style. It may not be as exciting as the city, but it's just as (if not more) fun."