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Which "Friends" Apartment Would You Choose?

Friends is one of those shows where I've seen every episode 14 times.  When flipping through the channels before primetime TV, I'll often switch it to Friends to see what episode is playing...I'm not alone in this, I'll bet!

I came across this image through the Zinc Door FB page and had to post it here to get your opinions.  Which apartment would you choose?  Joey & Chandler's or Monica & Rachel's?

Me?  The girls win, hands down.  

So these 2, essentially unemployed for years, girls end up with a huge 2 bedroom in Manhattan.  Hmm...methinks it was rent controlled or their parents were quite generous!

Which would you choose?  Do you have a favorite Friends moment?


Ah, the SUN!

We have been blessed with 70+ degree days here in Chicago all week - and they're here to stay for the next few days as well!  I have taken advantage of this free sun therapy with 45 minute walks with Derby every day.  We've seen crocuses, daffodils and tulips popping up all over the neighborhood.  On Wednesday, we also went back to the park & while I laid on a blanket with my Kindle, Derby ran around like a wild woman on her 30' leash for an hour.  It is GLORIOUS!

She has been parking herself in every sun spot she can find and I don't blame the girl.  Chicago has woken up from it's (albeit mild) winter slumber and I am so, so happy.


Casting Stephanie Plum!

I am a voracious reader.  As I said in my Weddingbee profile, my life has been known to come to a screeching halt when in the middle of a great book!  I am a member of a fun, yet serious (we actually read the books & talk about them!) book club and have been introduced to so many incredible books over the years.

That being said, I have a soft spot in my head for Ms. Stephanie Plum.  Heroine of the Janet Evanovich numbered books (One for the Money, Two for the Dough...all the way to Explosive Eighteen), she is one of my favorite girls in fiction literature.  I was really, really hesitant to start reading these book because I was certain I wouldn't like them, but one of my best friends kept telling me I would like them & she was right (she is right a lot)!

 The books are a fun, light read that I always enjoy.  Stephanie and her love triangle with Ranger and Morelli, her bounty hunter antics with Lula - I love them all!  So when I heard that One for the Money was being made into a movie, I was excited yet hesitant.  Who would play Stephanie Plum?

Katherine Heigl.

No. Just, no.  I even like her & think she can be funny, but she does not fit the description of SP.  I do not agree with this casting decision, so I decided to cast the movie myself.  *Note* I did not look at the rest of the cast!  I still haven't, but I may by the time I am done with this post.  Okay, I really need to stop with this words and get on to the pictures!  Without further ado, I give you my One for the Money casting...

Stephanie Plum - Jennifer Garner

When reading these books, I always picture Stephanie looking like Tori from Saved by the Bell. 

Curly brown hair, 90's-ish (the first book was written in 1994, so I definitely think of this style when picturing her), Trenton NJ, has a pet hamster named Rex.  I mean, right?  

I know this isn't a realistic casting decision, so I've gone with my back-up - Jennifer Garner.  I'm showing (what I assume is her) high school picture as well, which solidifies my decision.  This was a really hard decision for me!  Sandra Bullock is also really high up there.

Lula - Loni Love or Sherri Shepherd

Loni is a hilarious comedian who could nail the voice of Lula.  I also think Sherri Shepherd is hilarious as Tracy Morgan's wife on 30 Rock & fitting for this role as well!

Joe Morelli - Mark Wahlberg

Again, maybe it's the 90's thing that is still stuck in my mind, but I think Marky Mark would be the perfect Morelli.  


Ranger - Dwayne Johnson

Yes, the Rock.  I didn't want to type that out because I'm not talking about the weird eyebrow raising, caricatured wrestler/actor.  I'm going on looks here, and I've pictured him as Ranger since One for the Money.


Vincent Plum - Matt Dillon

Vinnie is Stephanie's smarmy, man-whorish uncle who runs the bail bond company.  Matt Dillon is perfect for this!

Connie - Marisa Tomei or Constance Zimmer

Again, I can picture both of them in the role of Connie, the Italian, mafia connected office manager.  Constance Zimmer plays Dana Gordon on Entourage & she is loud and can hold her own against Ari.


This post has absolutely nothing to do with design, but it really was so much fun to write.  And we're totally seeing the movie when it comes out, Katherine Heigl and all.

*edited to add*

I looked at the cast (woohoo for Sherri Shepherd!) & realized that I picture everyone a lot older than who is in the movie :)  I still like mine better, although Ranger IS pretty spot-on (if a little young).  

p.s. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to "Against Katherine Heigl Playing Stephanie Plum"!  Funny.

p.p.s.  Just saw that KH is the exectuive producer on the film - no wonder she was "cast" in the role!


Blog Sale!

Tell ya friends, tell ya wife. It's a huge blog sale! Hosted by The Fix-Its, Bien Living, and Forty Twenty Four!
If you're interested in any of the items below, e-mail: and give the item number. An invoice will be generated to the e-mail address you send from. Also, all prices INCLUDE shipping! Contact if you have any questions too!

1. Patagonia Women's R4 Jacket. Size Large. Black. $40. This is a great, warm and fuzzy fleece jacket. It's gotten a little wear, but is still in good condition. Originally $225.
2. Stuart Weitzman Kitten Heels.  Size 10. $40. Very comfortable and wearable black heels. I'd keep them if they fit properly - I really needed an 11! They run true to size, and have been out on the town a few times. Still in good condition.
3. SOLD Tory Burch Purse. Bold Pink. $100. It's a perfect catch-all bag! The hobo style is fantastic for daily use, and the pink color is super fun. 
4. Seven "A Pocket" Jeans. Size 32. $75. Excellent Jeans! Straight leg/boot cut. Medium wash. Worn 2 or 3 times.
5. SOLD Longchamp 'Le Pliage - Small' Shoulder Tote. Purple. $50. Love this bag! The color is adorable, and it's a great size for errands - it's not the standard "big" Longchamp. Retails for $125.
6. SOLD Coach Scarf. Black and White, $15.  I have no idea where I acquired this scarf, but it's never been worn!
 7. Justin Cowboy Boots. Size 10. $50. These are the perfect cowboy boots! But, like the Stuart Weitzmans, I should have bought an 11. They run true to size and are quite comfortable. Worn maybe 4 times.
8. Banana Republic Purse. Brown Leather. $40. Cute bag from banana, and the quality is quite nice. 
9. Kelly Moore B-Hobo Camera Bag. Teal. $125. This bag is AWESOME! I don't have a good reason for selling it, other than the fact that I like to try new things. It's in like-new condition with a shoulder strap and messenger strap included.
10. SOLD Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviator Glasses. Amber/Brown. $50.  They're oversized and cute.
11. SOLD Versace Sunglasses. Black. $50. I purchased these in St. Thomas a while ago. They're super classic looking and a bit oversized. Really great basic black shades.
 12. SOLD Chanel Sunglasses. Black. $50. These are more of a wrap-around style with large "Chanel" insignia on the side. You know you like the bling!
 13. Hobo International Wallet/Clutch. Ivory. $40. This is the handiest bag for going out. It doubles as a wallet and a clutch and holds a shocking amount of stuff!
14. SOLD Burberry Nova Check Earmuffs. $100. These earmuffs are adorable & a perfect gift.  They are brand new with all tags attached & retail for $225, if you can find them (not in stores any more!).  They are one size fits all, but I have a big head and they were a little too short for me.  So, if you have a normal sized head or if you're buying them for a younger person, they will be fine.
15. Benetton Wool Sweater. Size Medium. Red. $10
100% wool, v-neck sweater.  I have this sweater in almost every color & have multiples of some, including red.  I love it!
16. Banana Republic Trouser Jeans. Size 2L. $20.
I have worn these 2 or 3 times.  I am just under 6' tall and they are the perfect length with flats or a small heel.  Also, the hem is such that it will be easy to tailor if you need to shorten them.
17.  Angela Adams bag. $70.
It's black wool and patent leather with silver and teal trim.  It's been used a hand full of times.  I bought it as a present for myself when we were moving back to Seattle but then realized after we got here that wool and Seattle rain don't mix.  It's a great bag and pretty much new.
18. Weston Wear dress from Anthropologie.  Size 8.  $40. Purchased 2 Christmas' ago.  I wore it to a holiday party and haven't touched it since.  The skirt is puffier than it looks as it's got tulle under.
19. Deletta top from Anthropologie. Size M. $15. I bought it less than 2 years ago.  I've worn it twice.  I have so many that look similar that I tend to overlook this one. 
20. Banana Republic Wool Cream Dress. Size 8P.  $40 I bought this dress when I first moved back to Seattle wear to business meetings.  We don't really have meetings at work that you can't wear jeans to.  I've worn this once. 
21. Joe's Jean provocateur style size 28.  $60. These still have the tags on them I got these at Nordstrom Rack with a groupon and made the mistake of not trying them on before I bought them.  I have others in the same size and style that fit but for some reason these don't.  I lost the receipt months ago. 
22.  Grey and Cream dress by Juma. This is a size L and fits like a 6/8. $55. An online buy that didn't work out.  Again, tulip style bottom that doesn't work with my hips.  Dresses by Juma retail for more but I'm pretty sure I got a pretty good deal on this when I bought it.
23. Edme & Esylle skirt from Anthropologie. Size 8. $30.     
Remember: If you're interested in any of the items below, e-mail: and give the item number. An invoice will be generated to the e-mail address you send from. Also, all prices INCLUDE shipping! Contact if you have any questions too!

& The Pantone Color of the Year for 2012 is...!

Tangerine Tango!

Thoughts?  I love it.

Orange can be a bit much, but when used correctly it is the color that packs the most punch!  I was pleased to read this because orange has been popping up here and there in our living room - new, bold art (can't wait to show you!), and I am in the process of FINALLY getting those dang living room curtains done & orange makes a subtle-yet-fabulous appearance in the fabric.

Orange makes me smile, so I think this is a great choice for the color of the year.