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Diva Derby & I on TV...and Giveaway Winner!

I have been a part of the Rovernight Network from almost the beginning.  It was started by a friend of a friend, who suggested it to me when I was stressing over boarding Derby last year.  She isn't so keen on the kennel, so this type of service is great for us.  We all know how expensive boarding your dog while on vacation can be, and this is a perfect alternative for us.  I like to think of it as social networking for dogs, and here is an excerpt from the site that describes it far better than I can:



When Jenna asked me if Derby & I would like to be part of a taping for 190 North, a Chicago program on ABC, I immediately said yes!  It was a lot of fun taping the segment - I had no idea how much work goes into a 1 minute and 30 seconds of air time!  My husband edited the show down to the part on Rovernight, and I thought I'd share it with you.

My first reaction upon seeing it was "do I really sound like that??" to which my husband replied "sometimes, yes".  It was the 4th or so take and I sound a little...strange?  I don't know.  We also laughed about seeing me texting in the background of the "Yappy Hour" shot.  I was texting him to come pick up Derby the Devil Dog since she was a little, umm, distracted.  Anyway, it was lots of fun! 

Behind the scenes

AND, the moment you've all been waiting for (ha) - the winner of the Claremont Road designed DaVinci quote giveaway!  It was a very scientific method involving numbers scattered all over a sheet of paper and a wet dog nose.  The nose landed on #8, which means that Brit of Landlocked Bride is the winner!  Brit, email me at kristin @!

Have a great weekend! 


Can We Please Come Up with a New Name for Perm?

Because I want one & can't get over how much I hate that word!  It brings back memories of spiral perms from 8th grade that never should have happened (MOM!).  

I recently started to see a new stylist, Patrick at Robert Jeffrey Salon.  He is AMAZING and gave me the perfect cut/color/style when I went in last week.  My hair is very straight & flat and has no body whatsoever.  I am kind of all over the place when I try to describe what I want (Chelsea Handler hair/layers but not layer-y/THIN ends/tuckable "bangs"/I don't know how to use a round brush, so don't use one/etc) & he nailed it.  We were going to the Lady Gaga concert that night, so he even gave me a great curly style by using a flat iron.  I still have no idea how he did it, as I've tried since then it is a total disaster.


SO, as you can tell by that mess of a paragraph, I don't know how to do hair.  Which is why I've looked the same for the past 12 years - long straight hair, chop it off, long straight hair.  Rinse & repeat.

I decided to ask Patrick how he feels about p-e-r-m-s and he mentioned a newer p-e-r-m they have that gives soft waves.  I want to be able to put mousse or something in my hands, scrunch it up and go.  He also said that I could run the flat iron through it for straight, which is probably what I'd be doing most days.

Love this picture of Ted & I!

Okay, back to the Lady Gaga concert.  One of my best friends, Bethany, came into town from Ohio & we all planned to go to the concert.  I love her music, but frankly, I find Lady Gaga to be annoying.  Now though, I have to admit that she ROCKS in concert!  I like her so much more :)

Finally -  have any of you had a perm (blech) lately?  Should I get one??


Valentine's Brunch!

Our annual Valentine's Day Brunch is a favorite party each year.  Ted and I spend days preparing the house (me) and food (Ted) for 30 or so friends to gather on the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day.  It isn't a couples party by any means, just a day (& night) for us to eat great food and hang with friends.  This year was no different!

There is so much prep work to be done.  We like to chose dishes that can or have to sit overnight so that we can get them all together on Saturday & pop them in the oven on Sunday.  That way, we really only have to get appetizers &  more perishable things ready the day of.

The menu featured numerous quiche (shocking!)/egg casseroles, baked french toast with strawberries and bananas, hash brown ridiculousness casserole, bagels & lox, cream cheese, capers, fruit skewers (pictures of those below!), cheese & crackers, and lots of desserts.

I found these adorable heart picks at the dollar store.  I wasn't sure of their food-safeness, so I skewered the fruit right before everyone got there ;)  They were so cute!

A mimosa and bloody mary bar awaits the guests as they walk in.  It is always a big hit!

We had around 35 people this year.  When we first started out 6 years ago, we served sit-down brunch complete with strategically placed name cards for friends to get to know one another better (yep, hooking people up).  This year we had 2 toddlers and 2 babies join us - my how things have changed!

I sewed table runners last year when I couldn't find any that I liked - I love them!

With 2 of my favorite girls - Nicole & Anu.

As the clock started ticking towards 7 o'clock PM ("brunch" lasted until 10 p.m. this year!), the guitars came out, cowboy hats were donned and an eventual Dance Party USA ensued!

We have quite a group of talented musicians & there is nothing I love more than ending the night singing and playing with friends.  

This is truly one of the favorite events of the year & one we all look forward to!


Fun, Colorful, Playful Rug

I think those are appropriate adjectives to describe this Pinocchio Rug - what do you think?

I came across this while searching for pillows on - it's listed as a featured item.  It's made by a Danish design group who explains that Pinocchio's are a favorite Danish candy.  It's is handmade of individual felted wool balls that are strung together.

While it isn't the cheapest rug out there, it is more reasonably priced that I thought it would be!  I just love this rug - it makes me smile!

Purchase here


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday.  Getting together with friends and family, the tree, decorations & twinkling lights, food and presents (giving and receiving!).  We had a busy December, which is just the way we like it!  We kicked off the holiday season by hosting a dinner party with our friends Stephanie & Rob.  Delicious food and an entertaining white elephant made for a great night with friends.

 We then hosted our friends Andrea & Charlie and Lisa & Alan.  Ted made Coq au Vin & pasta, I made my favorite salad (baby greens with pomegranate seeds, walnuts and goat cheese).  We love having this gang over, not only because they are two of my best friends, but the guys all bring their guitars and play the night away.  The girls gather round and sing - it sounds cheesy, but it is so much fun!  The guys are all so talented and it's fun to hear them all play together.  Favorite songs include Wonderwall, Nicaragua (a Charlie McClusky original!) and Patience. 

Two nights later, we hosted another gang of friends (we love entertaining!).  A Turducken was eaten (not by me).  It was a huge hit.  Seriously, this thing was a beast and there were only scraps leftover...

Before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve!  We headed off to a friends party, where Santa made an appearance and brought gifts for all of the kids before heading out around the world! 

The next morning, we were up BRIGHT & EARLY (thank, kids!) and the kids headed for the loot.  Santa brought Harry Potter stuffed animals and stockings full of goodies.

Derby wasn't exactly thrilled with all of the excitement and chose to spend most of the time behind the chaise, staring at everything from a distance.

Until her reindeer loofa was brought out! :)

Then we packed up the car for the 5 1/2 hour drive to Ohio!  The roads were pretty clear and we made great time, thankfully!  Christmas at my mom's is my favorite.  Every year she claims that she is "cutting back this year" and we say that it is fine.  Well, somehow it always ends up looking like Santa bombarded our living room!

You know there are kids in the family when a dinosaur ends up in the nativity at the birth of Jesus.  The question is, which kid did it?  One of the little kids or big (i.e. adult) kids??

Derby's grandma treated her to her own ornament.  I am going to personalize it with her name and date.  She was very excited.  I think her cousin Lucy wanted one, too!

My sister brought Shut the Box, a gift that was for her son.  Poor kid, he wasn't allowed to play with it since we all became ridiculously obsessed about winning the game!  And super competitive.  Alas, after hours of playing, I never won.  I didn't even want to break for our famous sister pic!

Shew!  This is only a brief look into our Christmas.  We were EXHAUSTED by the time we got back to Chicago a few days later!

I am already looking forward to next year!