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We Went to the Bulls Game


I was mainly concerned with the dessert cart.  

I went for the ice cream sundae.


ETA:  Oh yeah, the Bulls won!


The Boring Folding Chair Gets A Colorful Makeover

Tired of pulling out your country blue or black folding chairs when extra seats are needed around the dining table (ahem, Thanksgiving is coming up soon!)?  Well, the brilliant minds over at the Italian design house Seletti designed a much more colorful alternative - the Pantone Folding Chair.

In the right space, I can see these lined up down a long hallway - instant art!

I'd love a couple of the 377 C's and of course, Pantone color of the year 15-5519 - Turquoise (it's no secret how much I love turquoise). 

You can purchase them from several online retailers starting around $79 each.  A bit steep, but the color is worth it!

Found via How About Orange and bottom image by Design Boom


Happy Halloweekend!

Halloween is a much loved holiday around our house.  We get dressed up every year & this year was no exception!  Wanting to find a couples costume, we settled on Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton from True Blood, one of our guilty pleasures.

It was hard to get my husbands very curly hair to lay straight - he drew the line when I pulled out my CHI straightener and almost singed off a chunk of curls :)  I think it ended up turning out great!  I loved being Sookie!

We went to a pretty wild party in a warehouse on the south side of town.  Tons of people and one bathroom stall - definitely not up to building code, I can assure you! 

The kiddos went trick-or-treating on Clark St. on Saturday & came home with quite the loot!  On Sunday, A & I took Derby to a doggie Halloween event on Armitage Ave, home of lots of little boutiques that were handing out candy as well.  It was packed!  I am glad A decided to put on his Mario costume again - I loved seeing the kids trick-or-treat city style.  Cynthia Rowley, Intermix, Benetton and American Apparel were just a few "houses" we stopped at for treats :)

I didn't have a costume for Derby.  I did, however, happen to clean out the kids dressers this weekend & threw a too-small Cubs shirt in the donate pile.  Not wanting to be the only dog at the doggie party sans costume, Derby became a Cubs relief pitcher for Halloween ;)

Then Daddy & Yoshi met up with us :)

It was such a great weekend!  We had a family photo taken on Sunday at the party.  It was from an instant camera, so I will scan it in and share it with you this week.  It is one of my favorite pictures of our family!!

Did you dress up for Halloween?  Who/what were you??


Blogger Award!

A big THANK YOU to Amy over at The Nifty Foodie for bestowing me with The Versatile Blogger award.  She is an awesome cook and quilter and has tons of recipes and patterns for you to try out.  Plus, she has the cutest dog, Millie, who looks a lot like our Derby girl!

With this award, I am supposed to pass the award on to 5 other bloggers, and list 7 things that you guys might not know about me.  It's just for fun, so I thought I'd play along!

I hereby crown the following 5 Bloggers:

Pantomime Papers

Classically Modern Nest

Creature Gorgeous

Forty Twenty-Four

Kimberly Michelle 

& 7 things about me (these are always really hard!):

1.  Echoing Amy's thoughts,  I was TERRIFIED of dogs when I was little.  Terrified!  We had a mutt at some point & my sister and I refused to play outside if the dog was out there.  Fed up, my mom forced us to go outside...only to find both of us standing on the swing set, too afraid to come down.  Another time, I was taking a walk with my grandpa when we encountered someone walking their dog.  I started clawing at his leg shouting "nee-nee" (which meant, pick me up!) over and over.  He had no idea that nee-nee meant "pick me up NOW" until we got home & he explained it to my mom.  Now?  I love every. single. dog. that I see.  If I had the space for more, we would have more!  My sister still isn't convinced, but there's still hope for her yet ;)

2.  I've mentioned this before, but I am a vegetarian.  It started in my late teens with cutting out red meat and evolved to cutting out chicken and turkey.  Today, if forced to choose, I would eat a burger over a chicken breast any day.  Chickens creep me out.

3.  Speaking of chickens, I am terrified of birds.  I actually tried therapy for this phobia with some level of success.  I no longer jump into traffic to avoid the rats with wings, but will dodge them on the sidewalk.  The way they dart around & that I have no control over it is what freaks me out.  It took me awhile to be able to use a down comforter without feeling like I was being smothered...and now I love it :)

4.  I don't know how to roller skate/blade or ice skate.  I'm clumsy enough with my 35" inseam, I have no business being on wheels or blades.  Never learned to do it as a kid, either!

5.  If I could design all day, every day, I would be blissfully happy.  I truly LOVE everything about home design and work very hard at Bien Living Design.  It can sometimes be stressful and I sometimes have insecurities, but I work on that all the time to try to be the best designer I can be.  It sounds cheesy, but it is the truth!

6.  I LOVE watching TV.  It bothers me when people say "oh, I don't watch TV", mainly because I think to myself "you don't know what you're missing!!!".  I love all types of shows, too, from Top Chef to 24 to Grey's Anatomy and Glee.  TV makes me happy and I am not afraid to admit it.

7.  I also read like a fiend.  For example, our book club is doing 3 books this month instead of 1, like most normal people :)  And while we're reading these, I've also read quite a few others.  When I am into a good book, I actually don't mind waiting for the train, if it's delayed, etc.  :)

So, there you have it!


And the Winner is...

True Random Number Generator 15

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The winner of the 3Form cuff bracelet is...Catherine of Forty20Four, who loves the Ting Ting cuff! Congratulations!

Email me with your address - kristin at bienlivingdesign dot com!

I loved having a giveaway & look forward to the next one!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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