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One Month into my 30s...

..and I have to say that life is pretty dang good!  I've never had any major qualms about turning 30, so I figured life would just go on as usual, and thankfully it has.  

I can't quit you, Oh, Sweet Mandy B's Orange Dreamsicle Cupcake!

Unfortunately, part of getting older, I have lost 2 grandparents in the past month.  My dad's parents had been married for over 60 years!  When my grandmother started to get sick, it really took its toll on my grandpa, who was with her everyday in the hospital or nursing home for 6 months.  After she died last month, he stated that he needed to get stronger and healthy again.  But I think it's hard for people who have been together their entire lives to live without one another :( and he died on Monday.  I do consider myself lucky to have grandparents well into my adult life, though!

Okay, back to turning 30.  My husband, Ted, along with a slew of co-conspirators had a surprise party for me!  My mom and sister were in town, which made it even more special.  No, having them here didn't tip me off that something was brewing, as they tend to come every year around my birthday.

With Nenners and Mom

Here are some pictures from the surprise party, hosted by our wonderful friends Rick and Perrin.

Blurry images, but it captures the feeling when I walked in :)

It was a full on food feast, as well as a music fest.  Our friend S played a few acoustic sets, C joined him at one point, and B-Fresh was the mix-master DJ ;)


There may have been some countertop dancin'...

                 Thanks Sweetie!!W                  hat a wonderful weekend!


Just Waiting for a Half Man/Half Truck to Start Roaming Around...

Intrigued?  Well, so was I when I happened to see this as I glanced out of my window at work:

            Awesome quality thanks to my Blackberry Curve

Base Jumpers plunging from the Trump Tower (the building on the left)!  Transformers has been filming in Chicago for the past couple of weeks, but until this point it's only affected me by closing streets.  Now that filming is underway, 32 floors directly below me, you can bet that not much work is getting done around here.


Tired of the grainy images from my phone (although I do have to admit that I am pretty impressed with the quality of these pictures), I am going to show you a few that my friend Josh (who also happens to be an incredible wedding videographer!) took while we were all standing in the windows, watching explosion after explosion and various machine gun fire outbreaks.


We asked the kiddos if they wanted to drive down to watch filming last weekend.  They were adamant that we didn't do it.  Ted and I were puzzled, then realized that they probably think that actual scary Transformer monsters would be roaming around :)  I'm still waiting to see one.

Though it would be nice if a Transformer took over the CTA buses & made them run on time...

Oh yeah, there were also helicopters flying at eye level & what seems like a few feet THAT is scary!


I find the movie making business to be quite fascinating, so having this around for a few days is going to be a lot of fun!  And, when it comes out, I might actually go see the movie.  Will I be confused if I haven't seen the first 2?  ;)

p.s. as I hit "Publish", 5 more base jumpers just came flying past...and another chopper.  Love it!


I Love Photoshop

Seriously, LOVE it! 

My friend Josh (photog in the Kristin/about me section!) puts my "skills" to shame.  I was browsing his wedding videography site last night and saw this clip.  Photoshopping at high speed - pretty cool.

Wedding Photography Post Productions Photoshop from Josh Pabst on Vimeo.


City Kids

Bathing suits and a garden hose provided hours of fun in the hot Chicago sun yesterday.  From making "lakes" to washing cars (what? We had to take advantage of their eagerness!), these city kids had a blast.

And J with our little Derby girl (who is terrified of water, so this didn't last long!)

We love Chicago...


Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

I thought working from home meant you didn't have to go into the office?In the world of DIY everything, sometimes it's just better to hire a professional.  Take a gander at these DIY projects & I'm sure you'll agree with me. 

I'm sure they just wanted a window in 2 rooms...right?!


Sad door.

Okay, hire an ELECTRICIAN, stat!

A nod to industrial design?

Ding-dong, your guests are dead!


Have you worked with an Interior Designer?  If not, what are your main reservations?

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