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Finally, a Living Room Rug!

On March 29th, 2011 I posted about wanting a new living room rug.  Yes, over one year ago!  I've touched on it a couple of times since then & even considered painting a rug.  I know it seems like I sometimes don't follow up on posts like this, but it is almost always because I still haven't made a decision!  I like all of the rugs from that first post, but the ones I LOVED were all too expensive.  I've had a basic off-white shag rug in place for about 9 months.


One day while shopping in Lincoln Park with my mom & sister, I came upon this rug in the entry at Francesca's Collection (funny that the rug is also called Francesca!).  I made sure to snap a picture of the details as well so that I could look it up later.

It led me to google "Francesca Rugs" which I then learned is part of Loloi Rugs.  I ultimately decided that this rug has too much brown in it for me (dark brown floors, brown chaise, tan couch), but was drawn to this bright, fun number.  I love the orange accents!

But I've been hemming and hawing over the $500+ price tag for over a month...which typically means I won't buy it.  I almost bought it last week but cancelled the order at the last minute.  Sigh.  The search went on.

Today's sales on Joss & Main featured bright rugs that I figured I'd click through and give it a try.  First, I found this Tamara rug.  I immediately liked it & the $300 price tag.  The 5x7 rug we have now just isn't cutting it anymore (& especially with the baby coming, we need more soft surfaces), and a 7x9 is what I've been looking for!

I was ready to purchase this when I scrolled down a bit further and saw this rug, which I just so happen to have had my eye on for months over at RugsUSA.  Again, the $600 price tag scared me off from clicking "buy", but it didn't stop me from checking it out every week or so.  & trying to work it into a design for a client!  :)

Check out that price!  $219 for a 7'6" x 9'6" 100% wool rug!  The reviews on the other site say that the gray is more of a blue gray (perfectly fine with me) & that the green is more vibrant (perfect again!).

I bought it.  It arrives in a couple of weeks!  Finally, I can put the search to rest!

Have you found any great deals on Joss & Main or other daily sales sites lately?


Long Distance Design: From Chicago to NYC

I had so much fun working with on this project.  My clients were awesome.  They purchased a gorgeous apartment in an iconic, turn-of-the-century building in Manhattan...and there was a lot to be done.  I came up with a living room/dining room design and a master bedroom design, as well as new lighting for the entire apartment.  Long Distance Design usually means one or two room designs, so it was fun to get more involved from a distance.

The couple prefers a more traditional style, but with clean (yet warm) lines.  Not a lot of harsh corners, overuse of glass or all white rooms.  They love warm neutrals and greys shot through with soft blues.  I like spaces in a room to complement each other so that flow from room to room is natural.  

I can't wait to see the "after" pictures from this project!

If you have any questions about any of the items, just let me know.  If you're interested in Long Distance Design, click here to find out more information!


DIY Grommet Curtains

When we were laying tile I linked to my Bathroom Inspiration Pinterest page.  I ended up selecting the Strada panels from ZGallerie (which, sadly, are no longer in stock!).  They were rod pocket panels, meaning the curtain rod slides through the entire top of the panel not showing any of the pretty bamboo, which isn't my favorite look.
As I mentioned, we ended up reusing our old bamboo rods, spraypainted silver, so we needed something that would easily slide over the uneven parts of the bamboo.  Enter: grommets.  Here are the supplies I used.
You can buy packages of grommets from any fabric or craft store.  I picked these up a Jo-Ann's, which I've used before and felt comfortable using again because they are so easy!  Included in the package is a little plastic guide that you use to trace an outline that you'll then cut around (I recommend small scissors for this part!).  
Let me just show you the steps, it is pretty self explanatory!
Once your circles are space out, drawn & cut, you just pop the back side of a grommet on the back side of the curtain, the front on the front & press them together - instant grommet!

Since these are essentially "dummy" panels - i.e. just there to make the bathroom look pretty - I only bought one panel and cut it in half.  A full panel on each side definitely would have been too much, but looking back I wish I had bought two and just trimmed off a few inches from each.  They are a bit narrow, but overall I am happy with the outcome!

You might notice we also installed a new vanity light fixture as well - it's peeking out from the upper right corer of this picture.  Good riddance, apartment standard, globe bulb, Hollywood makeup style lights!

Hello pretty, modern, cylinder lights!

There's only a couple of things left to do - new vanity & mirror (coming up next!) and ceiling light fixture (which we still haven't done).  

It's hard to believe that we started with this!


Before & After: Wicker Park Master Bedroom

My clients have such a beautiful home.  Their master bedroom was the last room to be completed, and it now flows seamlessly with the rest of the gorgeous house.  Finally, it was time for the parents to treat themselves to the master bedroom they've always wanted!

Before, we had a queen sized bed that was just too small - scale wise & for their family!  Dated window treatments hung under the dormer windows, which didn't provide the light blockage needed (this room gets a TON of daylight).  Bedding & lighting were needed to add a better sense of style & design.

The only existing furniture that stayed was the dresser, bureau and mirror (which we flipped on its side in order to fit in with the scale of the room).  A new king sized bed was added, along with a great tufted, leather upholstered headboard (i.e. easy to clean with little kids jumping around!).  We wanted a combination of masculine and feminine elements and this was successfully achieved.  Dramatic, glam crystal column lamps sit nicely beside the gridded headboard, soft color blocked bedding and dark accent pieces.  

Adding a large rug was perhaps one of the most important steps in the room design.  Rugs help ground large rooms and keep it from feeling like the furniture is just floating around the space.  If that makes sense (it does in my mind!).  We selected this GORGEOUS slate Dash & Albert rug, which again fits into our masculine/feminine design.

My clients also wanted a small seating area & due to the size of the room, it was easy to find a spot for this swoop armed chair.  A pillow in a coordinating bedding color completes this corner.

Due to excessive amounts of light coming in through their wall of windows and doors, we added ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall silk window treatments the filter the light without completely blocking it.  They're around 3 inches longer than the height of the wall, which gives us this nice pooling effect.

I've featured this design on my portfolio page, but hadn't properly blogged about it.  I am excited to share another "After" bedroom design!  Check out another dramatic before & after bedroom design here.


Teeny-Tiny Side Tables

oomph is a cute online retailer that has several lines of little side tables that I've been crushing on for some time.  They also have bright, fun pillows...and we all know how much I love pillows.  But I am here to talk about tables! They come in a variety of shapes, sizes & colors (lots & lots of colors) and are just so sweet that I can't help wanting one of my own.  I am especially drawn to the tini ii & just may have to invest in one some day.

Did I mention the colors?  The colors!

They range in price and are definitely worth checking out!

No, oomph did not pay me to write this post or gift me a tini ii side table!  It would be nice, though. ;)