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Tangerine Tango-ing Into Your Home

Following the announcement of Tangerine Tango as the Pantone Color of the Year for 2012, I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite inspiration images that feature this brilliant color.  It's easy to go very bold, but I think layering it in with other colors is what really makes orange shine.

Kelly Wearstler

This room design is pretty well know across the blogosphere (I even wrote about it almost a year ago!), but this is the first time I've seen a wide angle shot of the room, which also feature a gorgeous sleeping area.  The creamy whites framed by that dramatic black + shots of blue and orange make me want to move right in.

Tobi Farley

I also like this take on blue and orange, paired with a rich neutral wall color.  

Christopher Grubb

Orange also looks great paired with varying hues of gray, as seen in this modern living room.

Ron Marvin

And this bedroom design shows how easy it is to incorporate an accent color into any room.


So, let's add a little bit of orange to your life, shall we? 

1. Geometric Vase/Tray/Mug / 2. Parson Bookcase / 3. Damask & Dot Pillows / 4. Side Table / 5. Bonjour / 6. Cylinder Lamp / 7. Candle 

We added orange to our living room through a piece of large scale art (pillows, window treatments to follow!) - it looks great & I can't wait to tell you how we came about the piece and how I DIY "framed" it. 


& The Pantone Color of the Year for 2012 is...!

Tangerine Tango!

Thoughts?  I love it.

Orange can be a bit much, but when used correctly it is the color that packs the most punch!  I was pleased to read this because orange has been popping up here and there in our living room - new, bold art (can't wait to show you!), and I am in the process of FINALLY getting those dang living room curtains done & orange makes a subtle-yet-fabulous appearance in the fabric.

Orange makes me smile, so I think this is a great choice for the color of the year. 


Bathroom Project, Part 6 - Small Updates

Even though we essentially did a full bathroom makeover with lots of big changes (like DIY Demolition, installing gorgeous marble floors, and painting wide stripes on the wall) it was the subtle small things that really completed the look.  We wanted to reuse as many things as possible in order to save money, and it really added up to a lot of savings!

First, we sanded and painted the baseboards and bamboo shower curtain rods.  We easily could have bought new for all of these things (the baseboards were pretty banged up & a plain silver rod would have been nice), but decided to fix them & make it work.  Plus, it meant that we didn't have to measure & mitre new baseboards which likely saved us  hours of work.

As always! Our project manager, Derby, was on top of things.

Once we hammered in the freshly painted baseboards, I ran a line of caulk around the top.  See what a difference it makes vs. no caulk?  Such an easy step that could be easily overlooked.

I am SO GLAD that we decided to prime & paint the bamboo rods.  They are unique and so much nicer than some of the cheap metal shower curtain rods out there.   

My next post will show the new rods in action...

We are seriously lacking in storage in our condo & have to have something for toiletries.  We've had this white, glass fronted cabinet for a few years & I didn't want to buy a new one.  I also didn't want to see all of the clutter inside, so I decided to cover a piece of foam core with decorative paper & install it inside the window.

SO much better!

And finally, le toilette.  I wanted to buy a new one & Mr. Q was adamant that we didn't.  We actually argued about the toilet (& we really do not argue that often)!  I Hate our low profile, low-flow toilets.  And the 90's wave on the lid was not helping things.  Realizing the tulip shaped commode that I wanted cost more than the marble tile, I decided to try out a new lid to see how I felt.  Well, it changed my mind!  

I couldn't find a before picture for this bathroom, but lucky us! The master bath has the same lid (which we promptly went out and bought another!).

Have you done small changes lately?


November Challenge: Interior Design Bingo

After having a great time with the October Photography Challenge, I didn't hesitate when Ali of His Birdie's Nest suggested a different kind of challenge for November: Interior Design! 

Rather than have a specific task assigned to each day, you can take pictues as you find thing on the bingo board.  The goal is to photograph each by the end of the month.  Since we'll be in Paris for part of the challenge, I am looking forward to finding interesting interiors to share with everyone.

I really need to practice photographing interiors, so I hope that this challenge builds my skills so that I can have better pictures for my portfolio & blog.

Feel free to click over & sign up for the challenge!



Bee in my Bonnet - New Bathroom Floor

I've been wanting to revamp our guest bath for awhile now, but with a busy summer I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Yesterday, it was really bothering me so I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to put in a new tile floor - namely, a new Carrara marble tile floor.  

He said "okay".  

I said "today".

He came back with a sledgehammer and chisel and I said "yay"!  I tend to get like this.  I'll mull over something for ages and when I finally decide what to do/that I want to do it...I want it done, like, 15 minutes ago.  So, thank you to my most agreeable husband.

The old floors were a faux-marble-esque ceramic tile with gray and pink "veining".


That grout!  Ugh.  Why didn't I do this years ago?

So, we got down to business.  He starting hammering away while I was in charge of clean up as we went along.  

Derby was a huge help :)

We went down to the concrete subfloor.  I filled in some of the larger holes with a thin-set mortar that we had on hand.

We then sealed it with a self-leveling concrete primer & will self-level it tonight.  Little surprises always pop-up when doing home renovations, but I still groaned when the sink starting to leak.  I want this project done by the end of the week, so wish us luck!!

I redid this bathroom 4 or 5 years ago when I was loving chocolate brown/light blue/ivory color combination (which I still love, by the way), so I am ready for something new.  Most of the walls in our house are some shade of gray and while I kind of wish I could commit to doing something completely different in here, I am pretty sure we're going to go gray in here as well.  BUT!  It will be in a fun, new way (stripes, anyone?).