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The One Kind of Fauxidermy That I Can Get Behind!

How adorable is this unicorn head? I can honestly say that I a sentence I never imagined uttering, but now I have a 3 year there you go.

Target has an adorable new line of kids home decor, and I am loving it!


It's called Pillowfort, and the many selections for boys & girls are A+. Very trendy, but I love trends, so no worries there!



IKEA Karma!

A trip to IKEA always seems to bring on a small sense of dread.  I love IKEA for their modern, affordable design...but a trip there requires sometimes days of mental preparation.  I managed to get out of it by sending Mr. Q :)  Thanks!

We (I) decided on this 8 drawer Hemnes dresser for the girls new room.  We need a LOT of storage, as our home has very, very minimal closet space.  & we all know that babies accumulate a ton of crap (something we're trying hard to avoid).  The top will also serve as our changing table.  The height is perfect for both of us 6'+ tall people.

We brought the packages up after opening them up in the car to make things lighter.  I think it took 8 trips total?  Anyway, pieces were laid out, the screw bag procured & directions (finally) found.  Only to discover that it was this dresser.

Cue tension & stress.  I called to make sure we could return it, even though the boxes were torn open.  We could, yay!  We (yep, turned out I couldn't avoid an IKEA trip...) take it back down to the car & head to the highway.  There are 2 IKEA stores each appx. 40 minutes away.  We decide on Schaumburg, then get into the wrong lane and end up heading towards Bolingbrook.  Fine, whatever.  The drive was fast (no traffic!) & the return was painless.  Mr. Q and I decide to head straight to the flat pack aisle to pick up the correct dresser when we pass the As-Is section.  I've never found anything here before, but I always look.  

Imagine my surprise when I see this greeting us:

I don't get my hopes up just yet, as I assume it must be gouged, covered with questionable stains &/or the drawers aren't functional.  This is not the case!  The dresser is perfect and I didn't see so much as a smudge on it's surface.  And it was marked down.  We wondered if this beast would fit in our car & decide that we'll make it fit.

I felt drunk, I was so excited.  The only dresser we (I) wanted for the room, in the correct color, in perfect condition AND (most importantly) PUT TOGETHER!  That is totally worth the hassle of the unpacked wrong dresser debacle.  & I'm really thankful for getting in the wrong lane and ending up at the IKEA that we didn't want to go to.

And now, check this out.  It fit like the Rav4 was made specifically to hold assembled Hemnes 8 Drawer Dressers.  sigh.

Mr. Q's friend came over this morning to bring it upstairs and it is perfect.  It looks especially nice against our Jamaican Aqua walls - more on that later!  

I am so ridiculously excited about this that I had to share right away.  I couldn't stop smiling!  All over a dresser.  But when you learn it's an IKEA dresser that is ALREADY ASSEMBLED, you begin to understand ;) 


The Girls' Room: Inspiration

With the baby girl coming in September, it was clear that we'd need to do some shuffling around in order to make everyone fit in our 3 bedroom condo.  The most logical solultion was to have the girls share the big bedroom & A go to the smaller room.  Girls room!  Fun!  If it was up to me alone, the nursery would be pink & girly & ruffles...but it isn't, we have a very opinionated Mini Quiche J involved as well!  Who happens to hate anything pink and girly and ruffles.

This is more like it - turquoise blue & lemonade stand posters depicting dragons & dinosaurs (which she drew all by herself).  So clearly, a frilly room is out of the picture!  Which actually makes for a fun design dilemma for me.  Add in the fact that it's a shared nursery/big girl pre-teen room & I think I have my work cut out for me.

I've been pinning & saving different fabrics and color schemes for quite awhile now and am to the point where I am tired of it.  I need to order samples and go from there.

One thing I do know is that turquoise is going to play a big role in the space, likely through the wall color.  I'm going to get a few samples to test out, but right now I'm leaning towards Benjamin Moore Copper Patina.  A pale turquoise that leans more towards green & has an almost gray cast underneath as well.  

I would love to pair it with corals and yellow, so I think I'm going to try to "sell" it to J as Under the Sea - not a theme, mind you (no fishies to be found) - Caribbean Sea blue, coral reef, sunshine, palm tree, etc, etc.  Think it will work??

If the coral doesn't fly with J, I think I'll swap it for orange, which I do love with turquoise.  This duvet from Urban Outfitters could end up being a great starting point for the rest of the room/fabrics/colors.

I'm then going to group the various fabrics together and let her pick her favorite grouping & go from there!  I want her to be excited about the room & feel involved in the decorating.  We're having a painting party in a couple of weeks and she is ready to get started!


Clever Bike Storage for Small Spaces or Kids Room

I am loving this fun, clever bike shelf by Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw.  It's in the latest issue of Dwell which I usually only glance through each month, preferring to get my Dwell interiors fix with a side of humor on Unhappy Hipsters.  So, I am happy that I cracked open the magazine and saw this!

It doesn't hurt that the styling & photography are GORGEOUS.

It is made from solid wood and accommodates most bikes - they have a handy spec list so you can double check.

Perhaps because I have been on my death bed for 5 days (!), I am loving the thought of spring and bike rides (particularly on that sunny yellow number).  Anyone who has lived in a city and wrangled their bike in an apartment will appreciate this.  I also love that the rack doubles as a bookshelf & think it would look great in a boys bedroom.

They retail for around $300 and you can buy it here.