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Long Distance Design: From Chicago to NYC

I had so much fun working with on this project.  My clients were awesome.  They purchased a gorgeous apartment in an iconic, turn-of-the-century building in Manhattan...and there was a lot to be done.  I came up with a living room/dining room design and a master bedroom design, as well as new lighting for the entire apartment.  Long Distance Design usually means one or two room designs, so it was fun to get more involved from a distance.

The couple prefers a more traditional style, but with clean (yet warm) lines.  Not a lot of harsh corners, overuse of glass or all white rooms.  They love warm neutrals and greys shot through with soft blues.  I like spaces in a room to complement each other so that flow from room to room is natural.  

I can't wait to see the "after" pictures from this project!

If you have any questions about any of the items, just let me know.  If you're interested in Long Distance Design, click here to find out more information!


Long Distance Design: From Chicago to Pennsylvania

A recent client of mine moved outside of Philadelphia for her residency.  She has a great apartment with a lot of living space and needed help selecting most furniture pieces and accessories.  The living room opens up into the dining room/kitchen, which also needed to be designed.  The main living area needed to serve two functions, one for relaxing & entertaining and the other for a work/desk area, which she already had.

I love her description of style, which is modern but comfortable - definitely something that we can do!  She also likes deep plum colors with bright accents.  We achieved this by bringing in large furniture pieces with clean lines and introducing color through smaller furniture pieces and accessories.

I wanted the small dining area to feel like its own space, but we had to bring over similar color to keep the space flowing from one room to the next.  Space for dining is short, so adding in a double sided drop leaf table will allow for extra room for everyday needs & a larger table when entertaining.

If you have any questions about any of the items, just let me know.  If you're interested in Long Distance Design, click here to find out more information!


Long Distance Design: Master Bedroom Before & After

A Long Distance Design client of mine recently posted before & after pictures of her master bedroom.  They are so great!  I love when clients email me "after" pictures and am really going to do a better job of updating the blog with them.

I'll direct you over to her blog, Running from the Law, to check everything out, but here are a couple pictures that show the transformation.

Long Distance Design is a great, affordable way to work with an interior designer without breaking the bank!  It's easy and fun - you send me pictures of your room, dimensions and answer a few questions about your design style, needs, etc.  I then come up with a virtual presentation board of selections for the room & a floor plan.  It is $250/room.  Contact me to chat about your space!

Pictures via Running from the Law


Long Distance Design: An Office/Playroom

I need to start posting more of these!  I've have done a lot of Long Distance Designs lately & am looking forward to sharing them with you over the coming weeks!  Today's design comes to us from   , a busy mom who was looking to create an office/playroom.  This seems to be a pretty typical need from a lot of families, and I love making one space functional for both uses.  This design was a little unique in that the room opens up directly to the living room & entry, so we really needed it to look less playroom & more office! 

Here's the plan:

Their main need was STORAGE.  Here is a snippet of what I wrote to her:

"I am excited to present the design for your office/playroom!  I know the space needs to function equally as both, but I wanted it to look more office and less playroom since it opens up into other main areas of the home.  I wanted to have room definition without actual separation, as well as incorporate the things you need - file and toy storage, small desk/print station, and other items that offer great functionality for both people occupying the space!  Ikea is a great resource for kids items, and I've included some pieces from there that look great and won't break the bank (since they are likely to be more temporary pieces).  I took into account not wanting to paint - I think that is fine!  I was happy to work with the existing color, which is a pale yellow/neutral.  I added in touches of color that offer a nice contrast and compliment with blue, green and camel colors.  A traditional design feel with clean lines will work great with the color and white moldings - I hope that you'll find the space to be light and airy and functional."

From there, I go on to describe each selection and where she could purchase everything & where each thing should go.  There are items not pictured on the presentation board that are described in the information sheet - things like a filing system, toy box, chalkboard squares, etc.

They are in the process of purchasing everything & I can't wait to share the before & after with you!


Long Distance Design - From Chicago to NYC

I had so much fun working with my last client!  They live in an incredible pre-war building on the the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Beautiful moldings, arched doorways...I loved it all!  We worked on their entry and living space, which we ended up doubling as a dining area as well.  I think it turned out great!


They wanted a bar cart and dining table in the living room.  I love that this high top table from CB2 has open shelving on the side & can serve double duty as a bar cart.  They also had 2 bar height stools, so it worked out perfectly!

What a great piece of furniture!


In other news, it is FREEZING in Chicago!  I caved and pulled out my long, bulky down jacket this morning.  I usually like to wait until after the holidays, but it is a necessity when walking Derby in the morning.

Happy December!