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LIGHTS, Camera, Action!

As you saw yesterday, there has been quite a bit of action around here lately.  YAY!  In order to get our house photo shoot ready, there were a few things I wanted to do to help stage our space.  I bought a couple of things & DIY'd the rest.  There is something I've been wanting to do with Japanese paper tape for months that I finally got around to!  Can't wait to show you - it is genius.

I've recommended stacked glass ball lamps to more than one client, and finally decided that I needed one as well.  After lugging home similar beasts from Pier 1 and realizing they were too big, I settled on this lamp from Pottery Barn.  I paired it with a ribbon trimmed drum shade from PB Teen - love!


One mini vent about these types of lamp bases - the shades are NEVER even.  Always tipping to one side or the other.  I fixed it by putting a nickel underneath one part of the screw-on finial, but it really is a pain.



I am so glad we updated from our trusty IKEA lamp.  While it isn't the cheapest option out there, it is something that I've wanted for a long time and decided to invest in.  These lamps are timeless & gorgeous and I know we will have them for a long time!


What's Happening Here?

Cameras, photographers and a diva dog model taking a break from being beautiful...

Me laughing awkwardly because I don't how to not pose...

You will soon see the results of this Bien Living Design photoshoot on certain glossy pages - I am excited to share it with you next month!  The awesome photographer, Amaris Granado, was so much fun and helped me relax.  I was nervous.  I just don't *do* candid pictures.  I like to smile directly into the camera each and every time.  :)

Thanks to my husband for taking a few behind-the-scenes pictures!


Thank You, Daily Candy!

Wow, what a crazy day it was yesterday!  Bien Living Design was featured on Daily Candy- my site traffic went through the roof!  I just want to thank everyone who stopped by the site and said "hello!".  I now have the opportunity to work with so many people that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

Here is the article - I loved it!

Professional, Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Bien Living Design Consultation

When it comes to decorating, your eyes are bigger than your wallet. Bridge the gap with help from budget-conscious design pro Kristin Tavrides, the Harrington College of Design grad behind Bien Living Design.

Her genius service, Long Distance Design, makes the process scarily simple: All you need is a computer, camera, tape measure, and an open mind.

To begin, chat with Tavrides about style and budget. Then send her pics and dimensions of the room(s) you want to revamp. She’ll scan the Web for inspiration (wedding blogs are her favorite) and deals (she likes Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Chiasso, and Pier 1) and e-mail you visuals for your room via two design boards: a layout and a collage of purchasable items.

Expect a color scheme, furniture, accessories (down to pillows, flowers, and artwork), and a shopping list with links and prices for $250. Want multiple themes? Additional boards are just $100.

Available online at

Photos: Courtesy of Bien Living Design



Long Distance Design: From Chicago to DC!

Here is a recent design I did for someone who was moved from Boston to DC 6 months ago...but it looked like she just moved in!  Tired of that, she contacted me and we worked to create a grown-up, fun space for her living room.  She had just bought an awesome, clean-lined, charcoal grey couch, so I used that as my jumping off point!  She loves the grey & wanted a bright punch of color - we definitely achieved that!  I love this design so much that it is featured on the home page (I'm thinking I'll rotate that picture out as new designs come in).

We used pieces from Target, West Elm, Chiasso , CB2 and even Etsy to create this fun, affordable look.  We got creative and used Amy Butler patterned, inexpensive table runners to liven up the plain white chairs.  She also has a great collection of art that we incorporated into the design using matching frames.

I also did a quick mock up of where things should go - not everything is listed here, but the coffee table goes on the rug & the curtains hang against the far wall of windows.  She also has great bookcases that we were able to incorporate as well!

 I can't wait to see the "after" pictures!


Online Room Design?  Sure!


Allow me to introduce myself - My name is Kristin and I am the owner of Bien Living Design.  I welcome you to browse around the site and blog to find design inspiration.  

Recently, I launched a new design service called Long Distance Design.  Essentially, it's online interior design, (edesign, however you want to say it) and it's a great way to work with an interior designer (moi) to redesign your living room, bedroom, you name it!  The whole thing started as I was starting to help newly married friends and friends of friends with their first homes.  A lot of times, people know what style they want, they just have a hard time sourcing everything and putting it all together.  We see gorgeous homes in magazines and countless blogs, and I step in to help create the same for your home!  For more information about the process, click here, or on the Design tab at the top of the page.

Anyway, enough talk, let's see the goods!  Here is a sampling of designs that I did for new clients over the past couple of months.  See more here.

 Along with the board, you'll receive an information sheet that explains the selections and a link to where you can purchase each item.  I try to keep an eye out for deals and sales and will relay that information to you.  If you see something that you don't like, no worries! just send me a quick email and I will respond to you with new selections.  Contact me!

And finally, you will receive a new space/floor plan!  Another benefit of a designer & a new set of eyes is that perhaps I will see things differently and offer an entirely new perspective to your space.  Couches don't have to sit along the walls and TVs don't have to go above the fireplace! 

So now you know more about me, tell me a little bit about you!  I love "meeting" new readers and am so glad you're here!