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Long Distance Design: From Chicago to Dallas

I recently worked with fellow Weddingbee blogger Mrs. FroYo to redesign their living room.  They already had great bones with a massive fireplace and hearth and soaring ceilings - they just wanted to freshen everything up!  Their living room is a great space and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Here is the Presentation Board I put together for them (keep in mind that clients receive this, along with a detailed list explaining each piece and a link to where to purchase!):



As one of her blog readers, I know she's already been busy updating the fireplace and WOW! what a difference it made!  Since they live in Texas and don't really need a fireplace, taking off the doors and putting candles inside is an easy way to modernize the entire space.  I love this manzanita "fireplace" from West Elm, and the similar one she ended up buying looks GREAT in there!

Picture by Minted Life

She also has a thorough DIY tutorial, so definitely check it out :)

This is just one more example of how easy and fun it can be to work with an interior designer, no matter where you live!  If you're interested, please contact me!



Today: Guest Blogger at Glamour This!


Today I am guest blogging over at my friend Kelly's blog: Glamour This! the official blog of Blush!nk:)  She is on maternity leave with her oh-so-adorable bébé, and I am honored to contribute to her blog.

Check out the Long Distance Design I did for her Play Room/Home puts the "fun" in functional (yes, I really did just say that...)!


Kelly has an awesome, girly, lovely, design-y blog - I recommend adding it to your daily read!



Things I Love - Online Interior Design!

Yes, I am shamelessly plugging my own design service...but it is something that I love, so I think it's an appropriate post.

Here are the basics about Long Distance Design:

After filling out a questionnaire and discussing your basic design needs and style, you'll send me pictures of your space.  I'll evaluate it all, peruse the internet for inspiration and deals, then you will recieve 1 presentation board complete with:

  • Color Scheme
  • Furniture Selections
  • Accessories Selections
  • Artwork ideas
  • Floorplan
  • Detailed explanation of selections and where to purchase

After reviewing your Presentation Board, if needed, you will also get one follow-up board with any changes or additional suggestions.  Then, it's up to you to purchase the items.  This allows you to either buy everything at once, or in your own time.  Sounds pretty easy, right? 

Here is a recent Long Distance Design example that I did for a client looking for a new bedroom design:


After she told me that she loved it, but wasn't crazy about the lamp, I quickly got back to her with a couple of new options that ended up being the right fit. 

This really is a great way to have a hassle-free, beautifully designed room.  I am currently offering a special for TODAY ONLY (help me build my online portfolio, please!): Room design for only $250  $200!

Email me: or click here to fill out an online form.


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