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Potential DIY Curtain Fabric

I have always loved this dandelion fabric & Kelsey's comment yesterday made me revisit the idea of a pattern with color for our living room curtain panels.

There is a yard of the outdoor version of this fabric sitting on the chair next to me.  One thing to always pay attention to on fabric websites is the little ruler at the bottom of the picture.  I wasn't paying close attention & when the fabric arrived, I saw the very large scale of the dandelions & that it probably wasn't the best choice for small chair cushion covers...

I think I'd like a smaller, wispier flower but I can only find that fabric in the reverse colors.  I think it might be too much green!

Though look how gorgeous the fabric in yellow looks in this nursery.  So fun, bright and sunny - it works & I love it! 

Alas, goldilocks can't make up her mind so this project may just be shelved for a couple of weeks...


"Woman Returns Rescue Dog 'because it clashed with curtains'"

Don't worry Derby, we won't do this to you

Well, I've been chipping away at the ol' list for the past few days & have come to the point where I need to decide what to do about the window treatments in our living room.  For the past 5 years, all we've used are the blinds that were here when we moved in.  I am not a fan of blinds, but they do function very well & if I have to have them, I am glad that they are wood slat blinds.

Our main living area has a small bay area & since we keep our sofa in there, I've never really worried about curtain panels.  However, I am tired of looking at these blinds day in & day out and I want to at least partially hide them.  One problem - that gorgeous, original stained glass window dating to the late 1800s.  Do we really cover that?  & how about picking a fabric? I would love a bit of a pattern, but don't want it to clash/compete with the stained glass.  A bold color would definitely work, but I *think* I'm leaning more towards a light fabric.  Again, I don't want them to just be solid white...but I can't think of what else would work with the window.

My first thought?  Sheer burnout curtains.  West Elm has them; Crate & Barrel, too.  As I've mentioned in the past, I love Marimekko & these panels could give me that pattern I love without being too obtrusive.

There are 2 problems.  #1 is the price.  #2 is the length.  We have really tall ceilings and need curtains that are at least 12' long!  Alas, these only go to 108".  

A much, much cheaper option are the Alvine Rund curtains from IKEA.  At $24.99 for a pair of panels, these are more than affordable.  I couldn't even buy fabric for that price (if I could even find this kind of fabric!).  I don't love the pattern, but I do like it well enough.  I love IKEA curtains because they are so long & hemmable, but apparently their curtains max out at 98".  Funny, I really didn't think about how tall our ceilings were until the other day.


I am currently sewing drapery panels for our master bedroom, so I figured "What's another 4 - 6 panels?" and started searching for fabric. is one of my favorite sites, but nothing but a bunch of crushed velvet (CRINGE) came up for "burnout fabric".  I am either missing the correct term or you just can't buy this kind of fabric.  

Going back to the pattern idea, I also searched various sites for "pale grey on white" and needless to say, it didn't return many results.  But I still really love the idea of something like this (again, price is way to high).

So please, help!  Here are my questions/thoughts:


  • White curtains or color?
  • Does that Marimekko fabric exist by the yard?
  • Should I save my pennies for them & if so, what to do about length (curtains that look like Just, no)?
  • Is there other sheer burnout fabric that I can get by the yard?  If so, please tell me where...
  • What are your thoughts?

Honey Do!

So, I've been a busy bee these past few days...though from the looks of my To-Do list, it seems as if I've done nothing!  Grr.
I am kind of tired of our living room, office & master bedroom right now.  Since a full redesign isn't in the ol' budget, I've been coming up with little &/or inexpensive things that I can do to make big difference.  Think: paint, stain, fabric.  I want to get all of this done in the next couple of weeks.  Join me as I nurse my blisters, poke my fingers & attempt to finish this list!
Sand & paint deck railing
Sand, scrub & stain deck
Spray wrought iron table & chairs with fresh coat of black paint
Spray wrought iron side tables a fun, bright color
Sand & stain old bench
Scrub grill
Weed, sweep & scrub front brick/sidewalk
Order outdoor fabric
Reupholster chair cushions
Reupholster bench cushion
Make table cloth
Buy/Sew drapery for 2 living room windows (either sheer/burnout white or pale grey on white pattern)
New living room rug
Make crazy soft fleece blanket for Derby so that she stops furring up the sofa
Expedit or similar for office area organization
Take down existing metal candleholder panels in office
Add moullding where metal panels were
Add removable foam core panels that can be wrapped with various fabrics or paper
Figure out if ghetto office chair can raise up
If so, reupholster that nasty thing
Decide on curtains to separate living room/office nook
Investigate new 6' x 10' dining room rug
Buy fabric for new curtain panels in master bedroom
Sew curtain panels for master bedroom
Scout thrift stores for bedside table
Rearrage master bedroom - dresser to west wall
Add new art to master bedroom - potential DIY project
Use dark deck stain to fix nicks/scratches on hardwood
Reorganize laundry room
Clean & perhaps paint hardwood floors in laundry room
New washer & dryer (long term goal)
Marble tile for bathroom renovation
Renovate bathrooms! (This is a looong term goal)

Time for a New Rug!

So, this happened the other night:

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my husband knock over the glass of red wine, then heard him exclaim "Derby!".  I couldn't believe he was trying to pass the blame onto our sweet, innocent little girl (ha.) & he told me that he was yelling at her because she was trying to lick it up, not blame it on her :/ oops.  Anyway, I tried blotting, rubbing & scrubbing and nothing worked.  It's time for a new rug.  This rug from Ballard Designs has served us well for over 4 years, but we need something new.

In fitting with the theme of the week and how I showed you that turquoise goes with everything, I've decided I want a bold patterned rug that is turquoise, lime green, or combination of both.  Due to my love of all things zig zag, we ended up choosing the green chevron pillows (thanks for all of your input, by the way!) and they look great!


You may remember that I upholstered(?) (sorry, my brain usually thinks in design terminology during the day) these boring pillar candles in both colors, making turquoise a natural color choice for us to add to our green theme.


Summing up my requirements:

  • Lime Green
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Both
  • Geometric Graphic (Chevron, Trellis/Lattice, Stripe)
  • I also love Amy Butler graphic floral patterns

Here we go, the front runners! 

 Ballard Designs Madiera Rug, Company C Rugs

 Dash and Albert Flat Woven Striped Rugs


Amy Butler Graphic Floral Rugs


Trellis/Mosaic Pattern (love the color in the one on the right but doubt I can get hubbers on board)

ETA: Yowzas! Just found this preppy argyle lovely! Probably a no-go via hubs as well (yes, I am the designer, but he has a great eye & would want to approve any large ticket items!).

So as you can see, no chevron!  Sad face.  Am I crazy enough to attempt to make one?  Possibly.  Since we have chevron pillows now, I may just manage to get out of that one ;)

Thoughts?  Help?  Please! 


LIGHTS, Camera, Action!

As you saw yesterday, there has been quite a bit of action around here lately.  YAY!  In order to get our house photo shoot ready, there were a few things I wanted to do to help stage our space.  I bought a couple of things & DIY'd the rest.  There is something I've been wanting to do with Japanese paper tape for months that I finally got around to!  Can't wait to show you - it is genius.

I've recommended stacked glass ball lamps to more than one client, and finally decided that I needed one as well.  After lugging home similar beasts from Pier 1 and realizing they were too big, I settled on this lamp from Pottery Barn.  I paired it with a ribbon trimmed drum shade from PB Teen - love!


One mini vent about these types of lamp bases - the shades are NEVER even.  Always tipping to one side or the other.  I fixed it by putting a nickel underneath one part of the screw-on finial, but it really is a pain.



I am so glad we updated from our trusty IKEA lamp.  While it isn't the cheapest option out there, it is something that I've wanted for a long time and decided to invest in.  These lamps are timeless & gorgeous and I know we will have them for a long time!

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