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Things I Love Thursday


If I could, I would use 3Form in every project I do (privacy panels, elevator cabs, wall panels, etc).  The applications are endless and the materials are fabulous.  Not only do they look great, most of them contain pre- and post-consumer recycled materials.

This week they're launching their new product line & I was lucky enough to see it today.  What I liked best (and what I hope to use on a current project!) was this:

Gecko, an adhesive textile, aka awesome.  It's not a sticker & leaves no residue.  I was worried about it being too contact paper-like, but the static cling of it's silicone backing allows it to be removed & re-applied as needed.

Crypta Orbit is my favorite.

This one was pretty cool, too:

Crypta Letter

A great solution for first floor apartments, no?  If I have anything to say about it (which I don't :)), Gecko is sure to be a hit.


Alice in Wonderland Inspired FLOR

Interface, the maker of those carpet tiles that so many of you love (myself included!), has one of the best advertising campaigns out right now.  Forget Betty White & her Snickers, these tantalizing print ads introduced at last years NeoCon have me lusting over their carpet.  I'm not a huge fan of wall-to-wall carpet, but it has its place in a lot of settings.  Keep in mind this is the commercial/contract side of their business, but so many of these styles can translate into the home.


Advertising for carpet is obviously quite boring & uninspired - which is why I was so pleased, but not surprised, to see this from FLOR.


Another great thing about Interface FLOR - they use stickers to adhere the carpet tiles together - meaning no VOCs or other off-gassing glues.  & trust me, this is HUGE.  Plus, it adds LEED points to your projects, which is all the rage these days :)  Here are a few images of installations I grabbed off of their website:


We have a FLOR area rug under our dining room table.  It's been perfect for us, as many spills have made their way down to the I just swap out the offending tile with a fresh one & voila! it's like a brand new rug.


 What do you think of this campaign?  Have you used FLOR tiles before?  If so, do you LOVE them?

Also, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland comes out March 5th - will you be there?