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I Love this SO MUCH

There are so many photo a day type video/slideshows out there that I have always liked.  Pregnancy documention, baby growing, etc.  When a friend of mine posted this video on Facebook, I skipped past it (as I do with most linked videos when I'm just quickly checking in) but later scrolled back up to watch it.  I am so glad I did!


2012 in 366 Seconds from James Bernal on Vimeo.

I admit that it is sometimes hard for me to remember to take H's weekly picture (we're doing the oft copied Young House Love photo project), and this would be even more challenging, but my hope is that with daily repetition it will become habit within a couple of weeks.

H pulled up to stand for the first time yesterday and I managed to get it on video.  Yesterday was also May 1st, a perfect date to start this project, no??


November Challenge: Interior Design Bingo

After having a great time with the October Photography Challenge, I didn't hesitate when Ali of His Birdie's Nest suggested a different kind of challenge for November: Interior Design! 

Rather than have a specific task assigned to each day, you can take pictues as you find thing on the bingo board.  The goal is to photograph each by the end of the month.  Since we'll be in Paris for part of the challenge, I am looking forward to finding interesting interiors to share with everyone.

I really need to practice photographing interiors, so I hope that this challenge builds my skills so that I can have better pictures for my portfolio & blog.

Feel free to click over & sign up for the challenge!



30 Day Photography Challenge: Final Pictures

October ended up being a pretty wild month in the Bien Living Design household.  Not only has work been incredibly busy (which I love - THANK YOU to all of my awesome clients.  You guys rock!), but we also had a bit of a health scare.  Everyone is healthy and happy now, thank goodness.  In any event, I fell way behind on the 30 Day Photography challenge.  Boo!  I had been doing so well, too.  Oh well!

So, here are my final pictures of the challenge.  I just did what I could fit in, so these weren't necessarily taken on their assigned day.  I still hope to take a bokeh & long exposure shot and when/if I do, I'll be sure to share it!

Day 15 - Silhouette

I just realized this is a shadow, not a silhouette...

Day 17: Technology

Computer cords & cables are the bane of my existence.  It is my deep, dark house secret (okay, not so secret since they are out there for all to see) and I want them GONE.  Anyone in Chicago want to help me with this??

Day 18: Your shoes

Bronze metallic from Nine West

Day 19: Something Orange

My client and I have been trying to decide on an orange & white fabric for this ottoman (the green fabric is on the newly upholstered parsons chair).  An appropriate for orange day!

Day 23: Sunflare

This is sunflare, right?  Taken on my cell phone.

Day 24: Animal

Bet you thought this would be another picture of Derby, right?  Think again!  This is a picture of Derby's future husband, Chopper, a full blooded blood hound!

Day 25:  Something Pink

Sugar at Old Town Social

Day 26: Close Up

Heehee.  Here's Derby.  Love that nose!

Day 28: Flowers

This was my farmers market booty the other day.  Gorgeous mums that were half the price & double the size of the mums at Home Depot.


Considering the month we had, I think I did pretty well with the challenge! 

There is a new challenge for November - an interior design challenge - which I will share with you tomorrow.


30 Day Photography Challenge: Days 6 - 10

Days 1-5 found here

I'm still loving the 30 Day Photograhpy Challenge!

Day 6: From a low angle

This is St. Vincent DePaul church, which is just a few steps from our front door.  It is so, so beautiful. 

Day 7:  Fruit

I happened to make an extensive grocery trip a couple of days before the fruit shot.  Wish I was better at focusing on one thing & having everything else blurry.  This was taken on the macro setting.


Day 8: A bad habit

My poor husband.  I am such a mess with my clothes.  They are always piled up &/or draped on every available surface and I am so bad at putting them away!  I think these clothes were stacked up for at least 4 days.  Yes, I finally put them away :) 

Day 9: Someone you love

This surprises no one.

p.s. I also took a picture of my husband at this same brunch, but it was vetoed...


Day 10: Childhood memory

We loved raking & jumping into leaves when we were little.  Our street is gorgeous in the fall, though we have nothing to rake.  I really tried to get Derby to frolic through them, but she was a spaz, so I ended up getting a picutre that is essentially the same as yesterday.  I have such a great model - what can you do?! 

Day 11: Something blue

With all of the posts on our hall/guest bathroom update, I don't think I've ever showed pictures of our master bath!  It is the perfect shade of Caribbean Sea blue.  The sink & countertop was one of our first "big" DIY projects 5 years ago...  I still love it!  However, that is likely the room we will do next. 

Day 12: Sunset

I was on the wrong side of the city for a great sunset shot, but luckily I was able to snap this shot looking west right as the sun was almost gone.  I was standing at the very far east edge of Navy Pier.


If you're participating in the challenge, how is it going for you?


30 Day Photography Challenge: Days 1 - 5

I love taking picutres and the 30 Day Photography Challenge is great for me because it makes me actually get out there & take them!  

Here are days 1 - 5:

Day 5: From a high angle

One of my clients lives on the 45th floor of a highrise downtown.  We started demolition on the day that happened to be a high-angle shot!  Perfect.

For the first few days of the challenge, I was home in Ohio. 

Day 4: Something green

Something green was an easy one at my mom's house.  Her gardens are incredible!  However, I opted to relate the picture to interior design.  We are picking out a new shade of green for the living room (to go with that gorgeous new piece of art). 

Day 3: Clouds

I had my camera with me all day & unfortunately, the sky was a solid cloud ALL DAY LONG.  Miserable!  I took this at my sister's new house.

Day 2: What I Wore

I opted for another self portrait (awkward pose, I know).  However, you get a glimpse at the recently completed bathroom renovation!  Variations of this outift (long sleeve, stretchy tee & jeans) are my uniform for fall.   Here I am wearing a new shirt from Old Navy ($10) and jeans from Forever21 ($13).

Day 1: Self Portrait

I was at the Ohio State game on Saturday.  My camera tells me that I was slightly obsessed with self portaits on this day...oops.  Of all of them, I decided to choose a funny one :) 

More to come on Monday!  Have a great weekend :)