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Overdyed Rugs - An "Old" Trend that I Still LOVE

Some people get so bent out of shape over trends in design. I cannot count how many times I've read about chevron being "played out" - there is a reason you still see it everywhere - it is a classic pattern and it's here to stay (Chevron for Life!).

Another trend that I expect will continue to stick around is over-dyed rugs. I've used them in two projects in the past year - one dining room, one living room. And I'm currently coveting one for our own living room.

This is one of my favorite images & has been for quite some time. And is also the reason I want one for myself!

The room has my favorite color scheme as well (and was the colors we used for our wedding in May 2009) - navy and deep pink. 

You can find (usually) smaller sized rugs at an affordable price through websites like Chairish and even Etsy and Ebay.

For the dining room design, I needed a large rug and also one that we didn't have to worry about getting dirty. We went with a reproduction from Overstock and it really looks incredible - more pictures to come, once the new table and chairs are in. And window treatments, wallpaper, storage. 


So, trend away! Your floors will thank you.


Decor from an Unexpected Source, Part 2

Awhile ago I posted about great decor finds from an unlikely store - Pottery Barn Kids.  I thought I'd revisit this post idea after coming across a fun lamp at Land of Nod.  I checked out other items & found a lot of things that would work for spaces beyond kids rooms.  

Here are my favorites:


This lamp also comes in blue & pink!

All items found at 

Have you come across any unexpected sources for home decor?


Hail, Hail - the Rug is Here!

My steal of a rug arrived!  It only took me over a year to make a decision.  I unrolled it to check colors and they are perfect.  We need some muscles to come over & help us get it positioned - perhaps tomorrow when we have a contractor come over to fix some minor things that we've been meaning to finish for years.  Yes, years.

Things like fixing the constantly running toilet, the constantly dripping shower(S), the mosaic tile around all outlets in the kitchen, smooth drywall patch & touch-up paint.  We've accepted the fact that we're never going to do these things, so having someone come over to help is much needed.

Have a great weekend!


Finally, a Living Room Rug!

On March 29th, 2011 I posted about wanting a new living room rug.  Yes, over one year ago!  I've touched on it a couple of times since then & even considered painting a rug.  I know it seems like I sometimes don't follow up on posts like this, but it is almost always because I still haven't made a decision!  I like all of the rugs from that first post, but the ones I LOVED were all too expensive.  I've had a basic off-white shag rug in place for about 9 months.


One day while shopping in Lincoln Park with my mom & sister, I came upon this rug in the entry at Francesca's Collection (funny that the rug is also called Francesca!).  I made sure to snap a picture of the details as well so that I could look it up later.

It led me to google "Francesca Rugs" which I then learned is part of Loloi Rugs.  I ultimately decided that this rug has too much brown in it for me (dark brown floors, brown chaise, tan couch), but was drawn to this bright, fun number.  I love the orange accents!

But I've been hemming and hawing over the $500+ price tag for over a month...which typically means I won't buy it.  I almost bought it last week but cancelled the order at the last minute.  Sigh.  The search went on.

Today's sales on Joss & Main featured bright rugs that I figured I'd click through and give it a try.  First, I found this Tamara rug.  I immediately liked it & the $300 price tag.  The 5x7 rug we have now just isn't cutting it anymore (& especially with the baby coming, we need more soft surfaces), and a 7x9 is what I've been looking for!

I was ready to purchase this when I scrolled down a bit further and saw this rug, which I just so happen to have had my eye on for months over at RugsUSA.  Again, the $600 price tag scared me off from clicking "buy", but it didn't stop me from checking it out every week or so.  & trying to work it into a design for a client!  :)

Check out that price!  $219 for a 7'6" x 9'6" 100% wool rug!  The reviews on the other site say that the gray is more of a blue gray (perfectly fine with me) & that the green is more vibrant (perfect again!).

I bought it.  It arrives in a couple of weeks!  Finally, I can put the search to rest!

Have you found any great deals on Joss & Main or other daily sales sites lately?


Let's Paint a Rug!

Last night my friend Mark & I went to the opening of the Vecco Design Studio in Lincoln Park.  It was a fun event hosted by Monica Peterson from various HGTV programs.

Vecco is a spray paint type product that you can use to paint/customize your rugs or carpet.  They have a bunch of pre-designed templates that you can purchase, some are whimsical and clearly meant for kids room, and others are more traditional.  I much prefer the geometric designs & could see this as an option for my rug dilemma.  

How it works 

I have a sample kit & am looking forward to testing it out!  This kind of stuff tends to scare me, but you can actually vacuum up the product if you mess up or don't like it.  Awesome.  Once you have it just right, you spray a protective sealant and you're done.  I'll let you know how it turns out!