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Time for a New Rug!

So, this happened the other night:

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my husband knock over the glass of red wine, then heard him exclaim "Derby!".  I couldn't believe he was trying to pass the blame onto our sweet, innocent little girl (ha.) & he told me that he was yelling at her because she was trying to lick it up, not blame it on her :/ oops.  Anyway, I tried blotting, rubbing & scrubbing and nothing worked.  It's time for a new rug.  This rug from Ballard Designs has served us well for over 4 years, but we need something new.

In fitting with the theme of the week and how I showed you that turquoise goes with everything, I've decided I want a bold patterned rug that is turquoise, lime green, or combination of both.  Due to my love of all things zig zag, we ended up choosing the green chevron pillows (thanks for all of your input, by the way!) and they look great!


You may remember that I upholstered(?) (sorry, my brain usually thinks in design terminology during the day) these boring pillar candles in both colors, making turquoise a natural color choice for us to add to our green theme.


Summing up my requirements:

  • Lime Green
  • Turquoise Blue
  • Both
  • Geometric Graphic (Chevron, Trellis/Lattice, Stripe)
  • I also love Amy Butler graphic floral patterns

Here we go, the front runners! 

 Ballard Designs Madiera Rug, Company C Rugs

 Dash and Albert Flat Woven Striped Rugs


Amy Butler Graphic Floral Rugs


Trellis/Mosaic Pattern (love the color in the one on the right but doubt I can get hubbers on board)

ETA: Yowzas! Just found this preppy argyle lovely! Probably a no-go via hubs as well (yes, I am the designer, but he has a great eye & would want to approve any large ticket items!).

So as you can see, no chevron!  Sad face.  Am I crazy enough to attempt to make one?  Possibly.  Since we have chevron pillows now, I may just manage to get out of that one ;)

Thoughts?  Help?  Please! 


Fun, Colorful, Playful Rug

I think those are appropriate adjectives to describe this Pinocchio Rug - what do you think?

I came across this while searching for pillows on - it's listed as a featured item.  It's made by a Danish design group who explains that Pinocchio's are a favorite Danish candy.  It's is handmade of individual felted wool balls that are strung together.

While it isn't the cheapest rug out there, it is more reasonably priced that I thought it would be!  I just love this rug - it makes me smile!

Purchase here

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