Design Services

Residential Interior Design Services

Whether you're looking for a minor refresh of a space or are desperately wanting a complete overhaul and redesign, Kristin will tailor her services to meet your specific needs.  Kristin likes to keep the design process simple, straightforward, and most of all, fun!

Here's how it works:  

For the first meeting, Kristin will join you in your home to discuss your design style and needs for the space, brainstorm some initial ideas, and photograph and measure your space. From there,   you’ll collaborate throughout the entire design process to select colors, fabrics, furnishings, finishes, and details; figure out a sensible space plan; select the perfect painters and contractors for the job; and assist with purchasing, placement and decorating.  Whatever you may need, from a practical family kitchen to a lush, decadent bedroom, Kristin’s got it covered!

Work is billed at a flat hourly rate, keeping the design process uncomplicated and simple.

Commercial Interior Design Services

Kristin has experience with an assortment of commercial spaces -  from condo buildings to theaters, to commercial office design.

Investing in intelligent office design has been shown to increase employee happiness and productivity while maximizing your square footage. Bright, open work environments are replacing cubicle mazes. Kristin can work with you to optimize space by implementing dual-use spaces, and even taking previously unused areas such as hallways and stairwells and turning them into areas to showcase your work


Please contact us to talk about your commercial design needs.


Long Distance Design

Bien Living’s Long Distance Design is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss  - you get the expertise and experience of a seasoned designer, but at a fraction of the cost. There are no high upfront fees, and you can purchase items and design your space on your own budget and time frame.

Long Distance Design (online room design) Presentation Board - $500

After interviewing you about your design tastes and needs, your family, your lifestyle and the room itself, Kristin will review photos of your space as well as the room dimensions. She’ll apply her designer’s eye to the space, research for inspiration and deals, and send you a customized Presentation Board that includes

  • A custom color scheme

  • Furniture selections

  • Accessories, finishes, and details

  • Artwork ideas

Along with the Presentation Board, you'll receive an source sheet that explains the selections and a link to where you can purchase each item. Kristin is always on the lookout for deals and sales and will pass the savings onto you.  If there’s an item on the Board that you wouldn’t want in your home, that’s no problem at all! Just let Kristin know and she’ll update the board with items that fit your needs.

Finally, you will receive a new floor plan! Kristin has a strong eye for space planning and can offer a whole new perspective to your living environment that will maximize comfort, style, and practicality.

 See examples here!

 After reviewing your Presentation Board, if necessary, you will also get one follow-up board with any changes or additional suggestions.

If you want more than one set of ideas for a space, you can purchase another Presentation Board for $150.